Flower arranging masterclass
Flower arranging masterclass

Incredible landscapes and talented artisans

Activities at Stanly Ranch

Go home with a story
The experiences program at Stanly Ranch is meant to excite and educate, nourishing mind, body and soul by deepening the connection between land and community. Celebrating the heritage of the land, community events unify guests, residents, visitors and locals through an activated environment of bike rides, farmers markets, educational interests, social events, workshops and more – a new generation Napa.
Learn the art of pottery making
Learn about beekeeping
Group of friends cycles through a vineyard
The incredible surroundings and fresh open air call for hiking, biking and maximizing nature’s wonders. Set at a cyclist crossroads, Stanly is the perfect pitstop with several scenic bike routes for exploring Napa. Curated hikes throughout the property’s extensive farms and vineyards allow for getting up close and personal with the working ranch. Create dried floral arrangements, wooden cutting boards, or enjoy a Medicine Hatting Ceremony; these creators' experiences foster our reciprocal, artisan community and impart lasting skills and inspiration that transcend physical time spent on the ranch.
  • The Art of Mindful Eating

  • Plant Safaris

  • Cyclist Crossroads

  • Sleep Program

  • The Future of Wellbeing Annual Retreat

  • Ranch Hand Retreats

Annual event series
Making the most of the onsite agrarian and viticulture, our event series piques the curiosity of budding gourmands and fosters an appreciation of food and wine from origin to enjoyment. Learn to bake the perfect loaf of bread in our bakery, practice finding prime grapes with a vintner before enjoying a harvest lunch in the field, or pick your own ingredients with the master gardener for what will later become a farm-to-fork dinner.
Lunch salad with freshly prepared organic ingredients

The Art of Mindful Eating

Intended to slow us down and savor life, mindful eating is an approach to food that focuses on sensual awareness of the food and the experience of eating.

A chicken sits atop a coup

Ranch Hand Retreats

Become a team member during critical moments in the ranch’s seasonal life, such as the grape harvest, wine blending phase, or care for the animals.

Kyle RM Johnson

The Future of Wellbeing

An annual retreat, this weekend-long experience will host the foremost wellbeing and sustainability trailblazers for a series of events, workshops, and lectures to impart more holistic health.