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OUR SOCIAL PURPOSE Connecting with our Community

Driven by a deep connection to holistic farming and regenerative agricultural practices, Stanly Ranch aims to educate our community and team members on the importance of animal welfare. From wooly weeder sheep, land grazing cows, horses, and goats, to barn cats, herd dogs and birds of prey, our purpose is to embrace the animal-loving communities by way of volunteerism efforts, educational program development, and fundraising to support local organizations. To generate awareness, we have partnered with Charlie’s Acres, a rescue sanctuary for farm animals.

About Charlie’s Acres

Dedicated to the care of rescued farm animals, Charlie’s Acres serves as a sanctuary where animals can live out their natural lives in peace. Charlie’s Acres’ founder Tracy Vogt was introduced to farmed animals at an early age. Over time, she realized how...

The Flying Pig at Bear Restaurant

Support Charlie’s Acres by joining us at Bear. The Flying Pig cocktail honors Petunia the pig, who was rescued from a cosmetic testing laboratory. A balanced blend of WhistlePig 6 year bourbon, Averna amaro, fresh pineapple, cane sugar and lemon juice, the...