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Hotel Jerome
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Stay at Hotel Jerome
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Deluxe Rooms
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Junior Suites
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Luxury Suites
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Residential Suites
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Dine at Hotel Jerome
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Events at Hotel Jerome
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  • {"title"=>"Enjoy an authentic Western rodeo", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Rock climb Independence Pass", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Paraglide high over Aspen Mountain", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Soar through alpine trees on a zip line", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take in world-class ballet", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Recuperate with a high-altitude sports recovery massage", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take in naturalist-led talks", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Ride an ATV through rugged Colorado wilderness", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Whitewater raft infamous Colorado rapids", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Ride a Jeep through Colorado backcountry", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Explore a silver mining ghost town", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Explore life as a 19th century silver miner", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Go on a historic pub crawl", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Shop runway-worthy ski ensembles", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Learn to be a junior naturalist", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Stand Up Paddleboarding", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Horseback ride through alpine wilderness", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Coast through a mile of alpine forest", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Hike Colorado’s most iconic peaks", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Peer into Aspen's Past with a Horse-Drawn Carriage Tour", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Cycle through high-alpine passes", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Cast a line for prized trout", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Experience the Thrill of Pheasant Fowling", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Awaken Your Senses and Connect with Nature", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Work Learn and Play in Aspen", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Play in Aspen's new Outdoor Living Room", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"The Nature of Love", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Take in stellar local art", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Join in on an old-fashioned July Fourth celebration", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Attend one of the country’s top classical music festivals", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Thanksgiving at Hotel Jerome", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Honor the Norse god of snow", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Board a snowcat to dinner", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Go night-tubing down an illuminated run", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Snowmobile to Maroon Bells", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Snowshoe through Aspen’s scenic backcountry", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Cross-country ski through extensive Nordic trails", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Dog sled through snowy Colorado backcountry", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Ski the original trails of Snowmass", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Ski fresh powder on the backside of Aspen Mountain", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}