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Stories from Hotel Jerome

Stories from Hotel Jerome

Drink Toasting J-Bar’s Legendary “Aspen Crud”

Aspen Crud at J-Bar - Hotel Jerome

With its lively buzz and Old West vibe, the legendary J-Bar isn’t just Aspen’s social hub. It’s also a reminder—and bustling relic—of the town’s rich history. Cowboys and miners once rode their horses through J-Bar’s doors during Aspen’s silver boom, and drinks are still slung over the original century-plus-year-old maple bar. When Prohibition struck in 1920, J-Bar went the way of a host of other bars across America: it became a soda fountain. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” as they say, and the Aspen Crud was soon born.

Ryan Cox Head Bartender for J-Bar
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Do Aspen’s Favorite New Water Sport

paddleboarding in Aspen

As a Colorado native who grew up in San Diego, my need to be around and in the water is very intense. When I moved back to the mountains, becoming a certified instructor through the Professional Stand Up Paddling Association (PSUPA) was the perfect way to satiate that desire and to keep active. It’s also one of my favorite ways to spend time with my family in nature. There are so many local rivers and lakes that you can explore with a paddleboard, but it’s the pristine, snow-fed waters of the North Star Nature Preserve, just five minutes from downtown Aspen, that I love best.

Sarah Christ Social Media Manager
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Do How to Soar Like a Bird Over Aspen

paragliding over aspen mountains

My wife Maggie and I are Co-Captains of the Banquets Team, where you will usually find us presiding over wedding receptions and corporate events, orchestrating all the minute details from setting up 12-piece place settings to making sure the procession of courses and wine pairings goes smoothly. But I also lead a double life. As many mornings as possible, I soar like a bird high over Aspen as a paragliding instructor. It’s the most exhilarating feeling to see the four ski mountains—Aspen, Snowmass, Highlands, and Buttermilk—and the entire valley from such a high vantage point.

Tomek Pegiel Banquet Captain
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Learn Remembering Hunter S. Thompson at Hotel Jerome

Hunter S Thompson

To the rest of the country, Hunter S. Thompson might be best known as the godfather of gonzo journalism. Thompson lived and wrote on the edge in a style epitomized in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” which first came out in two installments in Rolling Stone before being published as a book that would end up defining the post-'60s counterculture. But to Aspenites, and especially here at Hotel Jerome, he’s best remembered for his 1970 run for sheriff of Aspen Pitkin County.

Hotel Jerome Concierge
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Do Swinging High in Aspen

Aspen swing

I moved to Aspen last summer and soon adopted the same ritual as a lot of locals I know: trekking up Smuggler Mountain for an invigorating morning hike. The usual reward is a sweeping view of the town of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley from the observation deck at the summit. But on my last trek, I found another reward far sooner. Just off the first turn, I spotted a wooden swing carved with the words #AspenSwingProject. Whether you use it for a short rest, or pump your legs for a childish thrill like I did, the swing truly is a “random act of kindness.”

Jessie Kneitel Bad Harriet Manager
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Celebrate 5 Tips for Selecting a Destination Wedding Venue

mountain wedding

We specialize in events all over the world. With offices in both Costa Rica and Colorado, we work with clients seeking very different weddings. With the world as your oyster, narrowing down a destination wedding venue can be challenging, albeit exciting. It’s my job as a destination wedding planner to help our clients see their vision come to life in a setting that’s perfect for them. Over the years, I’ve created a formula for getting us to the right place. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be celebrating in paradise in no time!

Aimee Monihan Tropical Occasions
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Celebrate Make Hotel Jerome Your Own

bride jerome

Dance down halls, cannonball into the pool without reservation, keep the music alive into the wee hours of the morning, and turn every corner knowing that you will only run into your closest loved ones. Go ahead, and rename our modern Aspen landmark as your very own for the weekend. With a Hotel Jerome buyout, enjoy unparalleled privacy in legendary spaces including the Bad Harriet, Living Room, Spa, Prospect Restaurant, and Grand Ballroom, to name a few.

Christine Sills Wedding Event Manager at Hotel Jerome
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Learn Fireworks, Sunsets and a 4th Floor Balcony


There is a semi-secret spot at the Jerome on the fourth floor balcony that is a great place to have a drink, watch fireworks or see the sun set down over the valley. It’s a hidden nook and it’s just a sweet place to get some fresh air and look out at the Aspen mountains. You might even find Tony, our General Manager, up there taking in the beauty of this amazing town, which never gets old - which Tony should know as he as been here 35 years. PS: Don't let him know that I told you about his secret spot.

Dana Director of Sales & Marketing

Learn To Sign Your Name on an Aspen Landmark

hunter s. thompson

Next time you’re ordering your favorite cocktail at the J-Bar, ask about “the drawer.” And, after that, ask if your bartender has signed it yet. Famously known for its hundreds of intricately carved signatures, the drawer holds the names of every bartender who has worked in the J-Bar since its opening day in 1889. If you happen to be at the J-Bar at the right time, you might even catch a touring group from the Aspen Historical Society showing it off. Now shellacked to seal it’s inked history, the drawer is an Aspen landmark worth toasting to.

Guest Stayed March '18

Play Don't Be Fooled Aspen Is For Kids

teen skiier

A word of warning for parents— your kids are one Junior Je-Roamer trip away from breaking your croquet winning streak, taking the "ski-ripper" family title, or showing you up at fishing. Aspen may be an adult’s paradise, but it doubles as a kid’s disneyland. While there are a myriad of adventures to explore, a Je-Roamer favorite is T-Lazy-7 Ranch, where winter is for suiting up to tour the white wonderland via snowmobile, and summer months are remembered for riding horses through Maroon Creek Valley and catching a trophy-sized rainbow trout while fly-fishing for the first time. (Don’t worry, young in age or young at heart, all are welcome.)

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