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THE WELL at Hacienda AltaGracia

Visiting Masters

Immerse yourself in holistic wellness led by best-in-class healers, world-renowned thought leaders and industry experts.

Luca & Valentina Alessi | April 21 - May 22, 2022

Wellness master Luca Alessi

Luca Alessi

Luca was born and raised in Italy and had two great passions since childhood: sports and wellness. After working for 9 years as an ocean rescue lifeguard in Northern Italy, he also became a swim instructor and a fitness trainer specializing in weight training and calisthenics. Luca holds a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Genoa, Italy in Sport and Health Exercise Science and a specialization in Science and Technique of Preventive and Adapted Motor Activity. Luca is a licensed massage therapist certified both by AIM (Italian Academy of Massage and Holistic Disciplines) of Milan and Praxis Institute of Miami, where he completed advanced certifications in MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Deep Tissue techniques and Neuromuscular therapy. Luca's approach combines the highest standard of practice with his 10+ years of experience in the wellness and sports industry. You can read more about Luca at

Wellness master Valentina Alessi

Valentina Alessi

Born and raised in Italy, Valentina is a Yoga Alliance RYT-E 500 certified yoga teacher based in Miami Beach. Valentina was on the training faculty of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa in Costa Rica for three years. Known for her clearly articulated instruction, Valentina’s classes weave together precise alignment and a meditative, powerful focus. Her well-thought-out sequences, intermixed with longer-held postures create the right alchemy for empowering each student to become more centered and self-aware. Valentina’s style and delivery are practical and applicable, making yoga accessible and useful for all. Valentina also owned a yoga retreat company for over five years, where she blended her love of travel and yoga to co-create and lead international retreats characterized by a positive, light-hearted and open-minded atmosphere where each participant could thrive.

Private Offerings

Woman stretching an athletic clothing

Advanced Bodywork

This highly advanced massage treats common tension patterns, including neuromuscular triggers and constricted muscles. In addition, the session combines deep-tissue modalities for postural re-education, assisted stretching to increase range of motion and lymph drainage to improve detoxification. This customized experience will alleviate deep-seated stress for a feeling of lightness, comfort

  • 60 / 90 / 120 minutes
Woman in yoga pose

Private Training

A one-on-one session with a highly skilled personal trainer and physical therapist to increase strength, stamina and energy. Personal training sessions are great for athletes or anyone looking for targeted fitness recommendations.

  • 60 minutes
Young woman meditating by a jungle lake

Group Offerings

  • Meditation | These teacher-led group sessions draw upon a variety of proven techniques that empower you to better adapt to stress and upgrade your overall well-being. (30 minutes)

  • Embody Yoga | A transformative class led by some of Costa Rica’s most experienced and dedicated teachers. Learn the art, science and language of yoga. All levels welcome. (60 minutes)

  • Empower Yoga | An athletic, vinyasa-based class to strengthen your body as well as your mental focus. Classes integrate sun salutations, standing postures, arm balances, core work and backbends. (60 minutes)

  • R&R Yoga | A gentle class using bolsters and blankets to support the body in postures that calm the nervous system and reduce stress. (60 minutes)

Women doing outdoor yoga

  • Slow Flow Yoga | Designed to be practiced at a meditative pace, this class connects breath with movement, creating calm in both the body and mind. All levels welcome. (60 minutes)

  • Yoga Nidra | Take a journey into your innermost bliss in this guided meditation. Yoga nidra, or “yogic sleep,” explores the space between sleep and waking and helps you access the deepest layers of your being. (60 minutes)

  • Barre Fusion | A class that blends movements from dance, yoga, pilates and more for an effective full body workout. Get ready to lengthen and strengthen in this focused class. (60 minutes)

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Wellness master Darren Austin Hall

Darren Austin Hall | May 13 - May 14, 2022

Darren Austin Hall is a Sound Healer, Sacred Musician, Spiritual Teacher and Sage based in Toronto. He has spent much of his life being enchanted by the sacred power of music and sound. Initially, Darren discovered this ability during his childhood, when in moments of solitude, he would find himself impressed upon by a critical mass of interstellar music and channeled sounds. His unique journey, and multi-disciplinary approach has been nourished by his learning under a diversity of extraordinary leaders. Darren teaches and performs internationally at yoga studios and venues, is a recording artist of acclaimed albums and published writer featured on a variety of online spaces.

Group Offerings

Sound bowl

Sound Journey & Ritual Concert

Friday, May 13th | 5PM

Join acclaimed mystic-musician and sound healer, Darren Austin Hall, on a journey filled with the healing powers of sound & vibration. This group session will open you to a spiritual awareness where you receive profound revelations, visions and an inner-journey of deep meaning. Enjoy 90-minutes of meditative and deep relaxation states where much healing can take place in mind-body-soul.

  • 90 minutes
Wellness master Darren Austin Hall

The Power of Sound & Vibration Masterclass

Saturday, May 14th | 2PM

Dive deep into the amazing world of cosmic vibration, sound healing and the sacred power of music. You’ll be guided in simple and powerful vocal techniques to balance the chakra system, create singing prayers and intentions and enjoy a group celestial sacred sound journey. This workshop focuses on the healing power of sound as an empowering portal into a whole new concept of reality that transforms our sense of self and world.

  • 90 minutes
Woman in shower room
Woman in shower room
Wellness trainer Lauren Ferioli

Lauren Ferioli | June 1 - June 30, 2022

Lauren Ferioli is a pilates, ballet barre and fitness trainer, movement therapist, integrative nutritionist and wellness curator based in Costa Rica. She strives to connect deeply with each and every client in order to facilitate true transformation. Lauren specializes in classical and rehabilitative pilates, women’s health in movement, prenatal and postpartum movement, the aging body, injury prevention and recovery for athletes, gait analysis, full body movement and postural assessment, alignment reeducation and energy medicine principles in rehabilitation and functional movement education. Sexuality, communication, creative expression, meditation, sleep health, coping skills for anxiety, depression, addiction and organizational skills are areas of special interest and expertise. Lauren believes the body/mind/spirit connection is paramount to optimal health and all must be nourished as a whole. Weaving together modalities of healing, acquired through study and experimentation over more than two decades, Lauren’s ultimate goal with clients is to offer freedom from pain and limitations and an expansion into a life of ease and enjoyment.

Private Offerings

Woman in meditative pose

Resource Yourself

A deep dive into regenerative wellness, the steps, tools and support to discover what works for you and how to heal yourself in body, mind and spirit. We will explore topics in diet, movement, communication, sexuality, creative expression, radiant aging and whatever else may arise. Personalized to fit the needs of each person, this healing session is the beginning of your wellness journey.
  • 60/90 minutes
Exterior of Casa de Agua

The Body Beautiful

Creating a loving connection with our bodies is central to health and healthy choices, and is often the main obstacle to our healing process. A discovery experience, through energetic healing modalities, mantras, breath work and movement, to clear the way for substantial and sustainable transformation in your life.
  • 60/90 minutes
Hand in meditative pose


How we relate with each other has a profound effect on our wellbeing, growing together is paramount to our individual wellness and the health of the relationship. Learning to see each other with open eyes and hearts, listening mindfully to what is truly needed, touching with love and intention all create a space for deep healing to take place. Through practices, exercises and helpful tools, unlock new depths of comprehension, compassion and connection. Suitable for all connections – partners, friends, relatives and so on.
  • 90 minutes
Group of women practicing breathwork

Group Offerings

  • Meditation | These teacher-led group sessions draw upon a variety of proven techniques that empower you to better adapt to stress and upgrade your overall well-being. (30 minutes)

  • The Mind-Spine Connection | An integrative experience of movement and meditation. Learn simple techniques to create a mindful movement practice that heals the spine and the mind. Through a series of therapeutic movements, breath work and visualizations, journey into a balanced and aligned state. (30 minutes)

  • Release Burning Ceremony | Let go of what no longer serves you with our signature intention setting and burning ceremony. (30 minutes)

Man and woman in yoga pose

  • Mat Pilates | Strengthen and lengthen muscles with a sequence of low-impact movements. (60 minutes)

  • Daily Practices that Deliver | Learn foundational tools for vibrant living. From nutrition and movement to sleep and stress, this educational workshop covers a curated collection of healthful tips that can be easily integrated into everyday life. (60 minutes)

  • Connecting to Your Inner-Fire | An offering of movement and introspective reeducation of the pelvic floor and its relationship to our sexual health. Discover a deeper connection with your pelvis, unlocking chronic immobility, pain and nerve atrophy. Bringing awareness and mobility to the pelvic floor muscles and supportive tissues enhances sensitivity, libido and a sense of confidence. Exploration of concepts related to healing and rejuvenating sensual and sexual energy allow space to reconnect, resolve and stoke the fire within us. (75 minutes)

Pool at Casa de Agua

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Previous Masters

Woman with holistic treatments

Valerie Oula | March 1 - March 26, 2022

Valerie Oula is a native New Yorker, the Director of Vibrational Energy Healing at THE WELL and the founder of Modern Ritual NYC, a holistic lifestyle offering for mind, body and soul. As a meditation and yogic movement instructor, Reiki master teacher and energy medicine practitioner, she shares her passion for vibrational medicine through integrative energy healing sessions, classes, workshops, events and trainings worldwide. She is the author of “A Little Bit of Reiki” and “Rest Rituals" from Sterling Publishing.
Wellness master George H Lewis

George H. Lewis | March 29 - April 19, 2022

George H. Lewis has been interested in the spiritual and esoteric world since he was a young man. Following his studies in Italy, he pursued a painting career, eventually leading him to the Middle East, where he accumulated unique perspectives from his time living with Bedouin tribes in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen and Oman. It was during this period that George came to know and read the stars. From under the vastness of the Arabian Desert, he began to learn and appreciate their symbolic meanings and later studied in-depth Western Astrology, Tarot and Palmistry. In 2014 and 2015 George was commissioned to paint the Royal Family of Bhutan. During this time, he worked closely with a number of spiritual leaders and monks who taught him the power of vibrational sound bowl healing.​George’s core interest lies in revealing the cosmic language of archetypal astrology and communicating the mystical realm of existence to humanity so that we may better integrate the material with the immaterial and synthesize the Western and Eastern perspectives. "It is all about discovering your unique ‘soul contract'" as he says.
Macramé artist Daniela Monge Rojas

Daniela Monge Rojas | April 14 - April 15, 2022

Daniela Monge Rojas is a Costa Rican macramé artist and the founder of Entre Nudos. Daniela first learned the art of macramé from her mother back in 2016, drawn to this work as a therapeutic way to untie the knots of her heart — hence the name Entre Nudos, which means, In Between Knots. Daniela currently lives on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, and is continuously inspired by the organic shapes and natural textures of her surroundings. She loves sharing the art of knots with people and inspiring them to explore new things and create art with their very own hands. Her interior projects have included work created for Starbucks, Marriott Hotels, Fours Seasons and THE WELL at Hacienda AltaGracia.