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THE WELL at Hacienda AltaGracia

Retreats and Longevity Programs

Immerse yourself in our holistic wellness destination with our wellness retreats and longevity programs. Led by best-in-class healers and world-renowned thought leaders, these curated experiences are designed to capture all of the unique offerings and treatments from THE WELL at Hacienda AltaGracia. Each retreat will leave you feeling nurtured, grounded and inspired to reach your full potential.

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This program is dedicated to making sure you leave looking and feeling your best. Inspired by the vitality and spirit of Costa Rica, this series of longevity-boosting practices focused on purification and restoration. Your experience starts before you arrive when you meet with your Health Coach who will aid in curating your personalized journey. Through mindful movement, connection to Mother Earth, Pachamama, bodywork and ancient rituals, these four days will leave you feeling nourished and renewed. Add THE WELL Integrated Experience to any stay of five nights or more.


Four restorative days designed around your individual needs and schedule (available all year around, whenever works for you)
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    Pre-Arrival Virtual Wellbeing Consultation: Your experience begins with a thoughtful and thorough intake process guided by your designated Health Coach. You will discuss your health history and set wellness goals, creating a personalized plan that includes lifestyle practices, dietary habits and other healing modalities.


    Maderoterapia: Experience a holistic massage technique practiced in Central America. A selection of wooden tools are used to balance energy, reduce stress, detox the body, and improve the flow of the lymphatic system. This results-oriented treatment works in synergy with THE WELL’s Reset Body Oil and our local coffee butter.

    Private Mindful Movement Sessions: Our selection of classes are led by certified experts who blend traditional and innovative approaches to mindful movement.

    Craniosacral: A gentle, non-invasive treatment used to relieve pain and emotional stress from the body by affecting the pressure and circulation of cerebrospinal fluid through a light touch.

    THE WELL River Bath: Starting with riverside meditation, you will be immersed in the sounds of nature and guided to a state of healing. Submerge in the healing properties of water with a 60-minute herbal bath to warm your muscles and purify your body. This ritualized journey is designed to facilitate shifts within by bathing your senses in the sound, vibration and touch of the natural world. (120 minutes)

    Hierbas y Flores: A nature-inspired treatment using freshly picked native herbs, flowers and deep massage to heal and cleanse the body. This ancient technique starts with a relieving abdominal massage centered on the dispersion of energy and realignment of organs and proceeds to the whole body, stretching tendons and unblocking chakras while expanding energetic channels.

    Recovery Room Experiences: Using leading technology, THE WELL harnesses unparalleled therapeutic power, care and knowledge to your holistic wellness experience.


    The Integration: The most powerful and flexible way to maximize your wellness experience, this best-in-class offering is customized, efficient and most importantly, integrated. Design your own experience by choosing one, two or three combined treatments: Swedish massage, lymph drainage, dry brushing, hot stone massage, cupping or deep tissue.

    The Skin Ritual: This expansive, rejuvenating treatment begins with a brief consultation and a customized skin ritual that includes guided meditation, facial lymphatic drainage, natural exfoliation and hand-blended mask.

  • * This package also includes daily access to Casa de Agua, group Mindful Movement classes and In-Room Wellness amenities

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