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THE WELL at Hacienda Alta Gracia Mindful Movement


Our selection of daily classes and group sessions are led by certified experts who blend traditional and innovative approaches to mindful movement.


Connect to your breath through meditation, engage your core in a centering Pilates class or awaken your inner athlete with high-intensity exercises. Mindful Movement at THE WELL offers best-in-class expertise and equipment to build your longevity practice and leave you feeling empowered.


  • Embody Yoga

    A transformative class led by some of Costa Rica’s most experienced and dedicated teachers. Connect movement to breath with this alignment-based practice.

  • Empower Yoga 

    Strengthen your body as well as your mental focus with an athletic, vinyasa-based flow.

  • Restorative Yoga

    Support the body in postures that calm the nervous system and reduce stress.

  • Aerial Yoga +

    Build strength, flexibility and mobility through weightless inversions, full-body stretches, functional movements, corework and spinal decompression. (60 minutes | $45)


  • Mat Pilates

    Strengthen and lengthen muscles with a sequence of low-impact movements.

  • Studio Pilates + 

    Focus on improving core strength, flexibility, coordination and balance in the body with this equipment-assisted practice. (60 minutes | $50)

Mind, Body & Spirit

  • Meditation

    Better adapt to stress and improve your overall well-being through proven teacher-led techniques

  • Pachamama Breathwork

    Cultivate the vital energy in the body through the powerful connection of breath and nature

  • The Mind-Spine Connection

    An integrative experience of movement and meditation. Learn simple techniques to create a mindful movement practice that heals the spine and the mind.

  • Release Burning Ceremony

    Let go of what no longer serves you and make space for new beginnings with out signature burning ceremony.


  • Outdoor Interval Training

    Get outside and take advantage of the natural terrain of the hacienda with this active full body workout that is guaranteed to make you sweat.

  • H.E.A.T

    Fuel both your mental stamina and physical strength with this challenging, total-body circuit that uses functional movement and weight training.

  • Complete

    Focus mentally and condition physically with a dynamic blend of strength training, yoga and breathwork.

  • Personal Training Open Hours

    Increase strength, stamina and energy through exercises guided by our personal trainer.

Personal Training with Johan Fernández

Schedule a one-on-one session with Johan Fernández, AltaGracia's skilled personal trainer, and increase your strength, stamina and energy. Johan is passionate about fitness and focuses on high intensity training that is targeted to each individual's body....

Mindful Movement THE WELL at Hacienda AltaGracia