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Visiting Masters Program: Rashia Bell


Energetic Designer and Crystal Healer

Rashia Bell is the co-founder and CEO of The Cristalline, a holistic energy lifestyle company that serves to help one find greater balance and alignment. Her work is rooted in intuitive connectivity, through a mind/body and spiritual connection with natural crystal stones. For nearly 10 years as an Energetic Designer & Crystal Healer, her work has spanned from one-on-one personal healing and intuitive coaching to energy harmonizing space clearings and designing energetically balanced environments.

  • December 15, 2023 - January 5, 2024


  • Lunar Energy Ceremony (60 minutes)
    Harness and honor the amplified energies of the New and Full Moons, focusing on practices for expanding and nurturing intentions.
  • Healing Chakra Meditation (30 minutes)
    Center and align the mind and body in this energetically harmonizing meditation practice.
  • Chakra Energy Yoga (60 minutes)
    Maintain chakra balance and positive energy flow throughout the body in this fluid yoga movement practice.
  • All Things Crystals (60 minutes)
    Join Rashia Bell for an introduction to nature’s energy through crystals. Discover the healing powers of crystals and learn how to bring this element into your daily life to support your well-being practices.
  • Kids Club: The Power of Crystals (60 minutes)
    Hike through the forest to THE WELL Crystal Rancho, where you’ll discover a 700-lb crystal quartz, and learn the power of these master healers in a way that resonates with children.


  • Intuitive Crystal Card Reading (30 minutes) 
    Discover the crystals and themes that are most prominent in your journey and discuss the stones that can be incorporated into your daily routine to promote greater balance.
  • Myofascial Energetic Release (60/90 minutes)
    A slow manual therapy fostering stretch and release techniques for the muscular tissue. Utilizing supportive fabric straps and slow targeted pressure with the use of the barefoot massage, this session reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and harmonizes both the energetic and physical body.
  • Profound Crystal Healing  (90 minutes)
    Clear the mind and balance the body’s energy with the use of crystals. Rashia Bell will guide you through a harmonizing meditation and visualization exercise, while placing natural stones on key energy points of the body. End the session with a personal stone recommendation for great alignment.

Group Offerings with Rashia Bell + Alejandro Lázaro

  • Release Burning Ceremony (30 minutes)
    Let go of what no longer serves you with our signature intention setting and burning ceremony led by Rashia Bell and Alejandro Lázaro.
  • New Years Energetic Reset (90 minutes)
    Begin the New Year with a fun, multi-somatic session created to cultivate inner healing and expansion through a series of mind, body and spirit activating therapies. Led by Visiting Masters Rashia Bell and Alejandro Lázaro, this experience includes guided meditation, breathwork, astrology forecasting, sound healing and an intention setting ceremony in celebration of the year ahead.
  • Story of the Stars (90 minutes)
    Explore the night, outer planets and your inner-self to discover the magic and magnitude of the night sky. Post-stargazing and accompanied by a hot cacao (or cocktail) around the fire, enjoy a reading to see how where, when and how you were born affects who you are and where your path will lead you.

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