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Summer at Auberge Resorts Collection

Get outside and play

Join The Adventure

From hoisting your sails to catch the early morning sea breeze to taking an invigorating hike under an incredible sunset, make this the summer to remember filled with the spirit of play, discovery, and adventure. Along with stunning views and luxurious settings, every one of our Auberge Resorts entices with unforgettable experiences that allow you to deeply and meaningfully connect with each exceptional location. Harvest your own sea salt off the New England coast, traverse the side of a 500-foot rock cliff in Telluride, or go off-roading through a deep desert canyon in Baja. Believe in the power of play.

The Perfect Summer Destination
From endless white sand beaches to 10,000-foot mountain peaks, the summer getaway of your dreams beckons.

Play better this summer

Hike themed private trails past hundred-year-old oaks and towering cedars in Napa, harvest plump and juicy cherry tomatoes on a small farm in Maine, or sample true island color sailing a classic sloop off the shores of Anguilla. Make this the summer to remember.

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Nanuku family at pool
Nanuku villa pool fun

For Families

Snorkel the calm, turquoise waters of Anguilla, or take a guided trail ride through vast wildflower-dotted meadows in Utah for unforgettable moments playing with your kids and grandkids.
Couples kayaking

For Couples

From camping out under the stars on a deserted South Pacific island to sailing the Aegean Sea under a spectacular sunset, a world of experiences await for you to play with the one you love.
Friends doing yoga

For Friends

Paint together outdoors in a lush Napa vineyard or paraglide high over Aspen Mountain to enjoy the true bonds of friendship that playing creates.
Adventure Bound
Dive for prized clams in Baja, cruise the Agean Sea, or meditate on a serene mountaintop 10,000 feet above sea level in Utah. Plunge into your next summer adventure.
I have traveled the world and can safely say, Calistoga Ranch is my favorite place to stay. It is magical, from the scenery to the staff to the accommodations to the dining to the personalized/specialized experiences. I would highly recommend Calistoga Ranch for anyone: couples, solo travelers, families, girls/guys trips! You name it, you will enjoy it!

Summer Stories at Auberge Resorts Collection


Solage A Walk Above the Clouds

If you’re planning on hiking Oat Hill Mine Trail, don’t let the weather deter you— foggy mornings are the best time for this hike. After stumbling upon this discovery by chance, the colder and mistier the morning in Napa Valley, the faster I grab my hiking shoes.

Helen Brown
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Mayflower Clink Glasses to A Weekend of Countryside Life

The city that never sleeps often sends me seeking elsewhere to find restoration— and a long afternoon spent over peach wine amid the rolling hills at Hopkins Vineyard is usually that place. The haven along the Connecticut Wine Trail, a collection made up of 24 vineyards statewide, is something out of a countryside fairytale. With a charming red barn and endless greenery, the vineyard melts away the memory of city hustle and bustle and soothes you into savoring the sweetness of countryside life.

Wine Enthusiast
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Calistoga Ranch I Know Napa Valley's Most Picturesque Point

It took a bit of sweat to reach Napa Valley's most picturesque lookout, a summit I wanted to photograph by morning. That's why I hit the under-the-radar private hiking trail near Calistoga Ranch with my husband by 9 a.m. sharp to reach the sleepy hill only locals know. Because I was a guest at Calistoga Ranch, I gained access to an exclusive property tour, ending at the vineyard's tasting room for a custom food and wine pairing menu. It's true what they say - it's all about who you know.

Happy Couple
Stayed Summer 2018
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