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Summer at Auberge Resorts Collection

Get outside and play

Join the Adventure

From hoisting your sails to catch the early morning sea breeze to taking an invigorating hike under an incredible sunset, make this the summer to remember filled with the spirit of play, discovery, and adventure. Along with stunning views and luxurious settings, every one of our Auberge Resorts entices with unforgettable experiences that allow you to deeply and meaningfully connect with each exceptional location. Harvest your own sea salt off the New England coast, traverse the side of a 500-foot rock cliff in Telluride, or go off-roading through a deep desert canyon in Baja. Believe in the power of play.

The Perfect Summer Destination
From endless white sand beaches to 10,000-foot mountain peaks, the summer getaway of your dreams beckons.

Play better this summer

Hike themed private trails past hundred-year-old oaks and towering cedars in Napa, harvest plump and juicy cherry tomatoes on a small farm in Maine, or sample true island color sailing a classic sloop off the shores of Anguilla. Make this the summer to remember.

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Nanuku family at pool
Nanuku villa pool fun

For Families

Snorkel the calm, turquoise waters of Anguilla, or take a guided trail ride through vast wildflower-dotted meadows in Utah for unforgettable moments playing with your kids and grandkids.
Couples kayaking

For Couples

From camping out under the stars on a deserted South Pacific island to sailing the Aegean Sea under a spectacular sunset, a world of experiences await for you to play with the one you love.
Friends doing yoga

For Friends

Paint together outdoors in a lush Napa vineyard or paraglide high over Aspen Mountain to enjoy the true bonds of friendship that playing creates.
Adventure Bound
Dive for prized clams in Baja, cruise the Agean Sea, or meditate on a serene mountaintop 10,000 feet above sea level in Utah. Plunge into your next summer adventure.
napa valley farm vineyard
I have traveled the world and can safely say, Calistoga Ranch is my favorite place to stay. It is magical, from the scenery to the staff to the accommodations to the dining to the personalized/specialized experiences. I would highly recommend Calistoga Ranch for anyone: couples, solo travelers, families, girls/guys trips! You name it, you will enjoy it!

Summer Stories at Auberge Resorts Collection

San Juan Mountains Telluride Colorado

Madeline Colorado’s Most Scenic—and “Fruitful”—Road Trip

As an Area Director of Sales and Marketing, I cover two amazing mountain resorts: Hotel Jerome in Aspen and Madeline Hotel & Residences in Telluride. That means I’m often on the road shuttling between the two, surrounded by some of the most scenic vistas in Colorado.

Dana Cooper
Area Director of Sales and Marketing
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Grace Hotel The Dreamiest Spot to Practice Yoga in Santorini

I’ve practiced yoga all over the world, including in India and Nicaragua for hundreds of hours of yoga training. But one of the most magical is right here in Santorini, especially at my favorite spot, on a promontory rock in front of Grace Hotel that juts out into the Aegean Sea. Here, taking in splendid views of the Caldera, I feel connected to Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine and healing; Epione, the goddess of soothing; and their daughters, goddesses of health and recuperation. I feel their ancient powers flow through with each breath and yoga pose.

Sjaan van de Langenberg
Resident yoga expert
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Bocce Ball

Solage Toss a Pallino, Sip on Chardonnay

They say there’s a first time for everything. For me, it was discovering bocce ball, an ancient sport played since the days of the Roman Empire, and a game I learned to play during a family vacation at Solage. We arrived to the outdoor patio under a brilliant scarlet sunset at Solbar, where we ordered a few small bites and cocktails while our sons Jake and Luke expressed their desire for a bit more activity. Fortunately, beyond the rectangular fire pit past the outdoor seating, we noticed two beautifully groomed bocce ball courts.

Learning New Games
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Twilight at Kalāhuipua‘a at Mauna Lani

Mauna Lani Hawaiian Stars Under the Full Moon

The last time I attended the Twilight at Kalāhuipua‘a concert series, a beautiful Hawaiian woman jumped up from the audience to dance the hula. Barefoot, with a bright red hibiscus tucked behind her ear, she knew every step by heart. The crowd showered her with applause as she swayed in perfect time to the lilting melodies of old Hawaii.

Music Lover
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Utah landscape

Blue Sky Girls Getaway in a Michelin Star State

My girlfriends and I were looking for a place for a girls getaway. Our goal was great outdoor experiences and relaxed but attentive service. We wanted something a bit different this year. One friend had been to Utah before and mentioned she had a fabulous time. Of course, many of us have been skiing in Utah, but it is spring, and all the snow has melted. We were not convinced there would be anything to do. After some searching, I found out that Utah is the first state to be given three Michelin Stars!

Seeking Adventure
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Solage A Walk Above the Clouds

If you’re planning on hiking Oat Hill Mine Trail, don’t let the weather deter you— foggy mornings are the best time for this hike. After stumbling upon this discovery by chance, the colder and mistier the morning in Napa Valley, the faster I grab my hiking shoes.

Helen Brown
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Vanderbilt Where to Meet Major League Baseball’s Next Big Star

Every summer for the last 18 years, I meet my friends and family at Cardines Field at 20 America's Cup Avenue to hear the first crack of the bat during the opening game of the Newport Gulls, a summer collegiate baseball team based in our hometown of Newport, Rhode Island. Founded in Cranston in 1998, we take pride in saying we’re one of the NECBL's most successful teams, winning six Fay Vincent, Sr. Cups to date.

Allison Schumann
Guest Relations Manager
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White Barn Inn Get Your Hands Dirty

My husband and I are happy to get our hands dirty for the sake of renewing the farming culture of Southern Maine. On our four-acre property, Frinklepod Farm, you can spend the day with us to explore our acreage and three greenhouses—we’ll get you out of the city and into the soil.

Flora Brown
Owner of Frinklepod Farm
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family dive in movies

Esperanza Family Movie Nights Have Never Been Better

When my family and I first began to plan our stay at Esperanza, we fantasized over spending as much time as possible in and on the water. Learning how to paddleboard was on my son’s bucket list, my daughter wanted to horseback ride along the beach, and we all relished the idea of a lazy sail along the Sea of Cortez, taking in dips to swim and snorkel whenever the mood struck. We ended up having an amazing time doing all those things, and we also discovered a fantastic—and wholly unexpected—new way to enjoy the water: movie night in the pool.

Relaxed Parent
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Calistoga Ranch Hiking

Calistoga Ranch Above the Treetops

A half-mile hike sounds like a short walk through the woods, but the ranch’s golf cart driver dropped me, a novice hiker, at the Valley View Trail Head, made of Calistoga’s distinctive volcanic bedrock. Janet, my visiting friend from the East Coast and I were thrilled to embark on this slight incline, which to our delight was aptly rated “moderate.”

Ready to Try New Adventures
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Fishing grace hotel

Mayflower My Day as a Lazy Otter

Shallow, clear, and like a bowl of tranquility, nearly one thousand kettle ponds dot the brilliant terrain of the Northeast. When my family and I first began to plan our trip to Mayflower Inn & Spa, I thought we would spend all of our time enjoying the area’s plentiful hiking trails through meadows and woodlands. But thanks to an insider tip, we ventured off-the-beaten-path to these isolated freshwater pools, where we had the water all to ourselves.

Explorer of the Outdoors
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paragliding over aspen mountains

Hotel Jerome How to Soar Like a Bird Over Aspen

My wife Maggie and I are Co-Captains of the Banquets Team, where you will usually find us presiding over wedding receptions and corporate events, orchestrating all the minute details from setting up 12-piece place settings to making sure the procession of courses and wine pairings goes smoothly. But I also lead a double life. As many mornings as possible, I soar like a bird high over Aspen as a paragliding instructor. It’s the most exhilarating feeling to see the four ski mountains—Aspen, Snowmass, Highlands, and Buttermilk—and the entire valley from such a high vantage point.

Tomek Pegiel
Banquet Captain
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Crab Shack Entrance

Vanderbilt Where New England’s Hottest Tradition Was Born

There’s nothing like biting into a steamy fried clam roll while sitting on the beach overlooking Sakonnet River, the juiciness of the oyster seeping out to form the ultimate creamy combination with homemade mayonnaise. It’s hard to believe this sandwich, one of our most illustrious traditions, was all but unfathomable at the dawn of the 1900s when New Englanders only ate their clams steamed, raw on the half shell, or chopped in chowder.

Taste Tester
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New England Train Bridge

White Barn Inn A Retro Ride in the New England Countryside

Entering Amtrak’s 1950s-era domed railcar was like stepping back in time. With my feet kicked up and my Australian Shepard, Max, in tow, I never knew a two-hour, car-free connection on the Downeaster train from North Station in Boston to Wells, Maine, could be so enjoyable and land me only 5 miles from Kennebunk. From passing New England’s most beautiful stretches of pristine coastline to enjoying vistas of the idyllic countryside, I enjoyed my steamy cup of chowder from the Downeaster Café while Max chewed on his favorite bone. Seated in the train’s upper level with panoramic windows on all sides, this daytime adventure proved an added perk before my vacation even began.

Starting Vacation Early
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