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Unusual Pairings for Unexpected Adventures in Flavor
Savor rare wines while watching dozens of magnificent elk come tantalizingly close in Telluride, ascend the cliff of a caldera to forage for wild herbs for a custom tasting menu in Santorini, or head out on a fishing charter to craft a “sea-to-table” Rhode Island-style calamari.

Experiences for Intrepid Gourmands
Toss out the conventional rules of pairing and marry local culture with gastronomy. Satisfy your wanderlust with chefs, vinters and mixologists as your guides. A Fijian mortar and pestle, a Napa Valley grape stomp or an Anguilla private beach picnic await.

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Our Newest Culinary Stars

Gustavo Rios executive chef at Solbar at solage

Gustavo Rios | Solage, Napa Valley

Gustavo Rios brings a passion for thoughtfully created cuisine, cultivated at some of the best restaurants on both the East and West Coasts. Gustavo Rios previously served as Chef de Cuisine at six-time Michelin-starred Solbar, before being named Executive Chef at Solage. Solbar has been named one of Wine Enthusiast’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants and received a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Gustavo was named Manager of the Year in 2013 by Solage Resorts and Hotels for his dedicated work at Solbar.
Galen Zamorra, the new Executive Chef at The Lodge at Blue Sky

Galen Zamarra | The Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah

Recognized as the James Beard Foundation "Rising Star of the Year" during his tenure at Bouley Bakery. Galen Zamarra joins the highly anticipated new property, The Lodge at Blue Sky. As Executive Chef, he will create an inspired culinary experience including Yuta, The Lodge's signature restaurant, featuring authentic flavors inspired by indigenous ingredients and breathtaking views. In his nearly 25 years of experience in both The United States and Europe, Zamarra has cultivated his craft under acclaimed chefs such as David Bouley in New York and Michelin 3-starred chefs Georges Blanc, Michel Bras and Alain Passard in France.
Lacey Lou Franklin the new chef at the Mayflower

Lacey Lou Franklin | Mayflower Inn & Spa, Connecticut

“New England has an extraordinary bounty of produce and I am excited to cultivate relationships with local farmers and purveyors.” ~ Lacey Lou Franklin, Executive Chef of Mayflower Inn & Spa. Drawing upon culinary experience honed at Michelin-starred restaurants in Napa Valley, Calif., Franklin will oversee culinary development at The Mayflower Dining Room, and the Tap Room. Franklin began her tenure with Auberge Resorts Collection in 2011 and has most recently worked as Chef de Cuisine and Executive Sous Chef at Solbar at Solage.
Auberge Dining | Behind the Scenes
Join properties and chefs, like Gustavo Rios of Solage, as they delve into their culinary philosophies.

Culinary Adventures of a Lifetime
Treat your palate to recipes rooted in local culture and heightened by creative pairings.

Culinary Stories at Auberge Resorts Collection

Santorni wine making tradition

Grace Hotel An Expert’s Guide to the Top Wineries to Visit in Santorini

As Grace Hotel’s Head Chef, I’m blessed to be around so many distinctive, superbly refreshing white wines. They are the products of the island’s rich, centuries-old winemaking tradition. Crisp, minerally and bone-dry, these white wines pair wonderfully with local dishes, from the whole range of mezze spreads and refreshing salads tossed with feta or goat cheese, to lemon-accented fish and seafood dishes. Made primarily from the assyrtiko grape, which is grown on 65 percent of the ungrafted vines on the island, these wines beautifully represent their unique terroir.

Yiannis Koutsoperakis
Head Chef of Santoro Restaurant
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Auberge du Soleil How to Spot the Secret Strawberry Stand on the Silverado Trail

Napa locals who know their fruit know about the strawberry stand on the Silverado Trail. Family run by the Saetern family, this stand is the place to go. You’ll know when you’ve arrived by the number of cars pulled-over near a small, unassuming fruit stand decorated in painted images of strawberries.

Chef Robert Curry
Executive Chef
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Vanderbilt You'll Find Me By The Horchata

On Wednesdays throughout the summer months, the renowned Aquidneck Growers’ Market awaits a 10-15 minute stroll from The Vanderbilt. Take your pick of seafood, colorful produce, local mushrooms, fragrant flowers and other specialty products—but whatever you do, save time to grab the famous, juicy pork taco that’s sure to run down your hands and beckon you back for seconds.

Local Foodie
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Yuta at Lodge at Blue Sky

Blue Sky Learning History Through Food

When the railroad snaked its way towards Utah from both coasts, it brought people along who helped to build it and those who hoped for a new future. Three distinct cultures were present in Utah during the railroad era which helped to shape the cuisine of our region: The Chinese, the Irish and the Spanish.

Chef Galen
Executive Chef
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creek rafting

Nanuku Fijian Pirates Found the Cure to Hangovers Centuries Ago

It took a killer hangover to get me on the bilibili. This floating Fijian bamboo raft isn't for the faint of heart but it offered my only deliverance after a night of tasting the island's award-winning rum. Drifting deeper into the forest canopy, I searched for a secret medicinal herb the island's first pirates once used while they were developing sugarcane for rum in the 1800s.

Lover of Life
5 years with Nanuku
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corn husks

Mayflower Cider Donuts, Pick-Your-Own Apples, and A Cidery

Rain or shine, the Averill Farm Stand is open, and rain or shine, I go for the heavenly apple cider donuts. A true must-visit in the town of Washington, Averill Farm is primarily a fruit orchard that has been family-run for 10 generations and counting. The hidden gem awaits at the end of a lovely drive, minutes from the Mayflower Inn. Abundant with the simple delights of the countryside— cut flowers, homemade jams, honey, cheeses, locally-sourced pies and more— the charming farm provides a special experience to immerse in the farm-to-table culture of Connecticut.

Cheerful Local
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Calistoga Ranch Work for Your Wine

I've never had a green thumb, but I have an annual tradition of flying across the country to turn my fingers purple. Every fall during Napa Valley's harvest, Juan Luis takes me in as one of his own to show me the ropes of the winemaking process at Calistoga Ranch. Every day, I work outside from sunrise to sunset, pruning vines where honeybees buzz about fields full of fragrant, supple grapes. If I pass Juan Luis' ultimate vintner's test, I even get to take a few bottles home for myself.

Crush Lover
Stayed Fall 2018
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fish dish

Chileno Bay A Little Acidic Citrus, a Pop of Chile or a Rich Avocado

A little minerality from the land and the salty, sweet flavor of the Sea of Cortez along with what is in season, organic and sustainable are my favorite ingredients. I like to think that all our raw ingredients have a story.

Yvan Mucharraz
Executive Chef
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Solage Legendary Fish Tacos at Solbar

Whenever I travel, a full restaurant is a trusted choice as a place to eat, and Solbar was packed for lunch. Savory scents lured me inside and triggered a rumble in my stomach. With so many options on the menu, I took my seat to scope out the dining room for a view of what others were eating. The answer: fish tacos.

Taco Connoisseur
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Grace Hotel The Santorini Cherry Tomato Changed My Life

Would it sound entirely ridiculous to say the Santorini Cherry Tomato changed my life? My first encounter with the locally-grown treasure was at Aktaion Restaurant, an unassuming traditional taverna that turned out to to be one of the oldest on the island, built over nearly a century ago. It was there that my wife and I first tasted a traditional korkosela made with eggs, fresh tomato and green bell pepper. It was unlike any dish I have ever had. As a backyard-tomato-farmer, the delicacy sent me into a frenzy to research the mystical Santorini Tomato.

Aspiring Tomato Connoisseur
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Esperanza Forget Everything You Knew About Tequila

In the Marais district of Paris there is an enchanting little bar with Parisian-Bohemian-styled Mexican influenced décor. Miniature pinatas and plastic cactus seem to be set in conversational arrangements with colorful Dia de los Muertos paper dolls and sugar skulls. Mezcal is served straight up or in cocktails accentuated with herbs, citrus and spice. There's a low percussive rhythm of an indistinguishable but unmistakably Latin beat. This delightful collision of culture affirms my belief that mezcal is the next big thing in the cocktail scene.

Christian Moya Sommelier, Esperanza
Beer Glass

White Barn Inn Meet Maine’s Most Popular Couple

We have a little secret brewing in Maine. Beyond our buttery lobster rolls, steamy chowders, and pillowy blueberry pancakes, Portland harbors the third-highest concentration of craft breweries in America. Though we’ve been ranked as one of the top 20 beer cities by publications like Travel + Leisure thanks to beer pioneers like Shipyard and Allagash, there’s something we have that those other cities don’t. While you may find craft beers flavored with pecans, bourbon, or even frozen lemonade elsewhere, our taprooms entice small-batch ale connoisseurs with what we know best: sweet and silky maple syrup.

Beer Connoisseur
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people toasting

Malliouhana Toasting to Anguilla’s Irresistible Rum Punch

Ask for rum punch in Anguilla and you’ll find a thousand different versions of the Caribbean cocktail—a marriage of rum, citrus, and sugar occasionally spiked with fresh fruit juice, liqueurs, and bitters. But everyone has their favorite...

Jett Taylor
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wineyard view
Auberge Du Soleil "Amazing food and unbelievable view of the valley - We had a table outside (highly recommend) and a incredible view of the valley while the sun settled.we had a three course dinner consisted of octopus appetizer, halibut entree and a veal entree, This is my favorite restaurant in the Valley."
pfk4477 via TripAdvisor 2018