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Stay at Solage
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  • {"title"=>"Garden Terrace Two Queen Studio", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Valley Queen Studio Mobility Hearing Accessible with Roll-in Shower and Tub", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Calistoga King Studio Mobility Hearing Accessible with Roll-in Shower and Tub", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
Dine at Solage
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Events at Solage
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  • {"title"=>"Learn the art of wine blending", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Go on a wine country safari", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a private painting lesson", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a private viewing of Ira Yeager’s studio", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a picnic on your hike up Oat Hill Mine Trail", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Visit California’s first winery dedicated to Cabernet Sauvignon", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy artisan wines crafted entirely by hand", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy panoramic views from the top of Howell Mountain", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste exclusive wines from a biodynamic Howell Mountain estate", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste exclusive wines from a Diamond Mountain estate", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste exclusive wines in one of the most stunning tasting rooms in Napa Valley", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste wines at a rising star winery", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Play winemaker for a day at Joseph Phelps Vineyards", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste single vineyard Cabernets in a beautiful stone cellar", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste wines among an extensive collection of contemporary art", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste small production wines in a Ralph Lauren furnished home", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste incredibly-small production wines in a hidden castle", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste wines among world-class contemporary sculptures", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Taste wines among Ansel Adams’s stunning nature photography", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Dine in a 1909 Craftsman farmhouse", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Zip line through deep redwood forest", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Soar high above Napa Valley in a hot air balloon", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Enjoy a scenic hike among majestic redwoods", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Cycle the legendary Silverado Trail", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}
  • {"title"=>"Go on a custom wine tasting tour", "url"=>"", "target"=>""}