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Farm-fresh Napa Valley ingredients. Beyond-borders cooking.

Fresh, globally-inspired takes that showcase Napa’s incredible bounty
The best aspect of working at Solbar, according to Executive Chef Gustavo Rios, is being part of a “food culture that respects local produce, farmers and ranchers”. He showcases that back-to-the-land reverence with farm-fresh Napa Valley produce—with some vegetables and herbs harvested just moments beforehand in the kitchen garden out back. But while the sourcing may be local, our chef's influences are global, resulting in flavorful, inventive border-crossing cuisine.

Solbar At Home

Leave the cooking to us and dine anywhere with Solbar takeout menus. Enjoy a taste of discovery when you order Solbar fresh, regional meals. Solbar divides its menu into light, delicate flavors to stimulate your palate, and bold, savory dishes to comfort your soul, all with ingredients that showcase the best of what’s fresh and seasonal in the Napa Valley.
  • Available for takeout orders Wednesday through Saturday
  • Pickup between 5PM and 7PM
  • Book Online
  • Enjoy signature cocktails, beer and wine available with any order
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Unforgettable Dining


Here’s where to find fresh, surprising and beyond-borders interpretations of regional ingredients, resulting in dishes like an inventive ceviche with salsa verde crafted from local ingredients, refreshing cucumber accompanies with housemade potato chips.
  • Mood is relaxed and casual
  • Serving: breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Open 7am-9pm, daily
  • Call for a reservation 707.226.0860
Cocktail Experience


The second Wednesday of each month, explore the art of cocktail creation with Solbar bartender, Kelly Dallas.

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Chef Mads Refslund

Dine with a Noma legend, who helmed the Best Restaurant in the World

Join us this May as we take a culinary journey with Chef Mads Refslund. This three-day event will consist of an exclusive meet & greet, an educational foraging excursion with Chef Mads, and an intimate dinner hosted by the creative mastermind himself.
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Get a richer understanding of the flavors of the Napa Valley by joining our locally-inspired culinary events, classes, and tastings.

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Stories from Solage

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Do Wine and a Digital Detox

An unexpectedly perfect pair, digital detoxing while wine tasting offers the ideal afternoon at Solage Resort. Here, turn your wine tasting venture into a wellness retreat of sorts and leave your phone behind. An outing that is already so much about cherishing the present moment, wine tasting calls for clinking glasses with good company, appreciating world-renowned wines, and taking in views that photos cannot do justice.

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