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Visiting Master Ofelia Bojórquez


The Experience

Ofelia Bojórquez is a breathwork trainer, psychotherapist and tarot reader who has been based in Los Cabos for the past decade and a half. Ofelia specializes in one- on-one personal development work, and integrates different holistic techniques into her practice for an approach that balances science and spirituality. She has led breathwork circles, trainings, ceremonies and retreats throughout Mexico and recently created the first breathwork school in the country.

  • May 24-27, 2024

Complimentary Group Classes

  • Introduction to Breathwork | 60 minutes
    Learn the basics of breathwork and experience the gentle yet effective benefits of this self-healing practice. You will be guided through a soft meditation, followed by instruction to help you connect to your own breath and regulate your nervous system.

    8:00 am | Mindful Movement Studio

  • Breathwork Awareness | 90 minutes
    Breathwork Awareness is a multi-style breathwork practice that explores the power of breath through different guided techniques. You will learn how to use the breath as a tool to increase energy, reduce stress and release tension throughout the body.

    Mindful Movement Studio

Complimentary Private Classes

  • Tarot Readings | 15 minutes
    Enjoy a complimentary mini tarot reading, in which Ofelia will use tarot cards to help you gain greater clarity into your past, present and future. These 15-minute sessions are first come, first served.

    Pool Cabana

Other Offerings

Introduction to Breathwork

In this individualized session, you will learn the basics of breathwork and how to integrate this practice into your well-being routine. Whether you are looking for a greater sense of clarity, regulation of your nervous system or release of emotional blockages, these techniques will deeply connect you to your body and empower your own self-healing journey.

  • 90 minutes

Breathwork & Cold Exposure

Experience the use of breathwork as a tool to help amplify your cold water immersion routine. This session is held in The Bath House, and will be done both in and out of the water to make the most of the practice. Beginners to both breathwork and cold plunging are welcome.

  • 90 Minutes | $300 for 1-2 guests
  • The Bath House

Tarot Reading

For centuries, tarot has been used as a tool for divination to help individuals gain insight into what the future holds. Using a blend of tarot, astrology, numerology and oracle cards, Ofelia will answer your burning questions on love, relationships, career and more.

  • 60 Minutes | $250 per person

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