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Mezcal tasting experience
Mezcal tasting experience

The Agave Journey

The Experience

Discover Mexican agave spirits with a lesson on one of its most culturally significant traditions—agave. Agave distillation dates back to the Aztecs and is a pillar of Mexican history. Chileno Bay’s renowned mixologists will guide you on the Agave Journey, which explores the multiple origins, methods, and chemistry profiles that make tequila, mezcal and sotol distinct. As unique as each spirit, the journey itself is curated to each guest based on previous knowledge, palate preferences and interests. The journey begins amidst a beautiful setting surrounded by a wide selection of Mexico’s handcrafted spirits. As you enjoy a sampling of spirits, the team transports you to Oaxaca or Jalisco with stories of the places, people and labor of love that is bottled up in each sip of mezcal or tequila. A display of local fruit, spices, botanical elixirs, Mexican chocolate, and lite-bites offer the opportunity to make the pairing your own. Wherever it may lead, the Agave Journey is a personal journey of discovery and sensation with memories to last a lifetime.

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