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4 night stay

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THE WELL at Chileno Bay

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Nestled on the Pacific shores of Los Cabos, Mexico, THE WELL at Chileno Bay balances both modern and ancient ways of living. Located in the middle of the desert across 22 acres of land, this vibrant wellness destination features The Bath House, rest-inducing Nap Garden & Reflexology Pool, outdoor treatment rooms and wellness rooms curated to put wellness at the center of your stay. Attune your mind, body and spirit with the healing powers of the coastal landscape and make wellness part of your every day, even on vacation.

  • Call 833.941.1354  or email to book a service

  • Open every day 8 am – 6 pm

  • Guests must be 16+ years old to access THE WELL

THE WELL Visiting Masters

Michelle Stoppi

July 1 - 10, 2023
  • Michelle Stoppi is a therapist, retreat facilitator and educator working with internationally acclaimed wellness centers around the world. Since 2001, Michelle has maintained a thriving Craniosacral Therapy practice in Miami Beach, Florida. She brings to the table a Masters Degree in Psychology, decades as an Advanced Yoga Therapist and years of living and learning in the far East. Michelle’s treatments quiet the mind, unwind the body, calm the nervous system and fill the soul with light.

  • Group Offerings


    Entering Relaxation Meditation (30 minutes)
    Observe how to sit deep inside yourself and allow the world to reveal itself to you in this guided session.

    Energetic Connection Meditation (30 minutes)

    Ground, replenish and heal through connection to the Earth’s biomagnetic energy field that exists all around us. 

    Water Meditation (30 minutes)
    Allow yourself to be nourished and supported by the ocean within, while tapping into the fluid elements of the surrounding natural landscape. 

    Chakra Energy Flow Meditation (30 minutes)
    Find greater internal balance and align with the universal truths that open and sustain your inner and outer energetic flow. 

    Workshop: Being Grounded (60 minutes)
    Delve into your nervous system to ground and empower your soul’s journey. Through discussion, targeted relaxation exercises and guided visualization, you will be led out of fight or flight mechanisms and into connection with the greater biomagnetic energy flow of the Earth, its waters and all of life.

    Workshop: Exploring Empowerment  (60 minutes)
    Discover your own unique mental survival mechanisms that disempower you and keep you stuck in sympathetic nervous system activation. In this session, you’ll begin to strip them away and internally explore how a connection to the universal source of vitality can be used to replenish your health and energy resources.

    Workshop: Finding Grace  (60 minutes)
    Discover how to sit so deep inside yourself that the world reveals itself to you as the day goes by, versus rushing, searching or worrying about what is next. You will be guided on how to align with the universal bioenergetic truths that sustain inner energy flow, and how to connect with and allow whatever “calling” that specifically inspires you to flow through you to share with the world.

    Workshop: Discover Your Craniosacral Rhythm  (60 minutes)
    Learn about your Craniosacral System with Master Craniosacral Therapist Michelle Stoppi. Explore how to feel your own craniosacral rhythm, aka the voice of the body and the breath of your nervous system. You’ll practice simple self-massage techniques to help it function and learn tools to better manage stress and anxiety and support emotional release. 

  • Private Offerings

    Craniosacral Therapy (60/90 minutes) $300/$450 USD
    A light touch treatment used to reset the flow of the craniosacral rhythm in the body, helping to relieve pain and emotional stress.


The Energy of Life in Los Cabos

Our team of holistic therapists draw on a full spectrum of ancient and modern healing techniques to promote harmony in the mind, body and spirit. Restore energy flow and promote relaxation with customized bodywork, Eastern healing and best-in-class facials.

From celestial-inspired water therapy to ancient Mexican healing practices, immerse yourself in whole-person healing and let yourself go to all the places within you and around you.

Exercise your body and mind with our selection of daily classes and private sessions led by certified experts who blend traditional and innovative approaches to mindful movement.

Experience Whole-Person Healing

Get grounded in the reality of what is possible when we align ourselves with the power of science and the nature that surrounds us. Attune the mind, body and spirit with the rituals throughout our space. Personalize your stay based on your wellness goals and preferences with a thoughtful and thorough intake process with your designated Health Coach.
  • Take a moment to set an intention of where you want to go and connect from within at The Arrival — a space dedicated for manifestation and self-discovery.

  • All treatments begin at The Bath House that uses rituals and the senses to promote whole-person healing — featuring temperature-driven circuits, an immersive sound experience and more. This 55 minute ritual can be enjoyed prior to your spa treatment, as a day pass or full stay pass. Please inquire with THE WELL for availability and pricing.

  • Your treatment experience will end at The Nap Garden that features a Reflexology Pool with a pebbled floor to calm the nervous system, a healing garden and self-guided naps.