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Yuta was the name the Ute Indians called the area and themselves, meaning "mountain top" or "people who live high is the mountains." Legend has it, when Spanish explorers arrived and asked the natives what this area was called, they were told "YUTA." Its mountains have seen many cultures pass through or inhabit, starting with the Uto-Aztecan Native Americans; then, the Utes. As US western expansion continued, more cultures moved through the area – from as far away as Eastern Europe and China. Drawing on all of these cultures, we are defining a regional cuisine true to Utah, featuring a wood-burning hearth, and with Lynsey Gammon, our Blue Sky farmer who uses the ultimate in organic farming practices.

  • Daily breakfast | 7-10:30AM

    Weekend brunch | 11AM – 230PM

    Weekday lunch | 11AM – 3PM

    Nightly dinner | 5:30-9PM

    Bar open daily | 11AM – 11PM