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6-Day Sample Itinerary Ultimate Summer Vacation


Summer Itinerary

Discover new ways to spend time together with interludes and experiences for all ages, and exclusive family-focused getaways to savor time like never before with those you love most.

Day 1


Rest, refresh and settle into your home away from home.


Discover the property as you roam our expansive grounds. Visit Horseshoe Gallery to meet our fine art curator, stop by the renowned Bishop’s Lodge Stables to feed our friendly horses, and take a moment by the stream with our Orvis guides to learn about our fly fishing options. Finally, relax by our pool with refreshing drinks and delicious bites.


Head to SkyFire for dinner, our signature restaurant.

Day 2


Enjoy a relaxed breakfast at Two Dogs Cafe, our convenient grab-and-go eatery. Then, head over to our Stables for a painting session led by a talented local artist.


Embark on an afternoon adventure with a local leather craftsman to master the art of western tooling.


Unwind over a private dinner in our Wine Room followed by native storytelling with storyteller and drummer Ehren.

Day 3

All Day

Set off with your guide and adventure lunches in hand to explore Bandelier National Monument. This extraordinary National Park reveals the rich history of the Pajarito Plateau, where the dynamic forces of geology tell the story of ancestral Pueblo Peoples' migration and settlement. Wander among low stone walls, marvel at ancient petroglyphs, and follow the footsteps of the past along ancient pathways as you delve into this captivating landscape.


End the day with dinner at SkyFire.

Day 4


Enjoy breakfast at SkyFire before heading off-site for a river rafting adventure on the Rio Grande.


Savor lunch nestled by the tranquil river amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of New Mexico.


Indulge in a leisurely afternoon at Stream Dance Spa, where you can experience one of our signature massages, designed to rejuvenate your body and soothe your senses.


Head to Santa Fe's renowned Opera for an evening of opulent tailgating and delight in the captivating performances.

Day 5


Enjoy a serene breakfast on SkyFire’s terrace overlooking the Jemez Mountains.


Discover the vibrant art scene of downtown Santa Fe and Canyon Road, home to numerous galleries waiting to be explored.


Wrap up the evening by dining downtown.

Day 6

Depart late morning after breakfast at SkyFire or enjoy a soak in our pool.

June 1, 2023 - September 1, 2023

Coyote Camp Kids Club

Each week, Thursday-Sunday, we offer age-appropriate skill building activities that explore our natural surroundings, history and culture of Santa Fe and this land. Our days follow a flow learning model, beginning with a game to awaken children’s enthusiasm, followed by skill-building activities to teach wilderness know-how and engage children more deeply in nature. Each day’s themes are complemented through story, nature journaling and an art project to tap into your child’s imagination and creativity.

For Assistance

For assistance with availability and logistics, please contact us at 505.390.2323.

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