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5 Days Santa Fe Wellness Journey

Itinerary Highlights

Embrace age-old rituals while setting intentions for your future pursuits with our invigorating wellness journey. The power of music and massages help ground you within yourself while group mediations forge new connections with the world that surrounds us. Reemerge from this deeply personalized pursuit with a newfound respect for the soul that is uniquely yours.

Day 1 | Welcome to Bishop’s Lodge


Rest, refresh and settle into your home away from home.


Embrace your new surroundings by joining us for a mindful meditation session, allowing you to center your mind and spirit.


Join us at SkyFire, our signature restaurant at Bishop's Lodge, for a wellness inspired meal.

Day 2 | Destress and Unwind


Join us by the Walled Garden for a privately guided yoga class followed by meditation.


Unwind with a 90-minute CBD massage.


Enjoy a wellness inspired meal prepared by our chef in SkyFire.

Day 3 | Spiritual Alignment


Start your day by releasing past blockages, unlocking future potential, and embracing life in harmony with our immersive spiritual alignment experience.


Keep your day flowing with a unique sound vibration experience led by local healer Walking Star. This session combines ancient instruments like native flutes and Tibetan singing bowls with modern technology for holistic healing.


Conclude your day with our Celestial Connection workshop, where a knowledgeable expert will interpret your natal chart, delve into life themes, gifts, and challenges, and offer insights into your sacred purpose.

Day 4 | Movement and Meditation


Kickstart your day with QiGong Relaxation on Chapel Lawn, a practice fusing movement, meditation, and controlled breathing exercises to harmonize the body's vital energy, known as "qi" or "chi." Enhancing the flow of qi throughout the body, QiGong promotes holistic well-being, benefiting physical, mental, and emotional health.


Enjoy a thirty minute guided meditation followed by a Serene Essence Massage in Stream Dance Spa.

Day 5 | Departure Day

Enjoy breakfast at your leisure before traveling home relaxed and refreshed.

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