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Alchemy of Breath


A transformative breath and sound experience coinciding with the full moon, led by breath-work facilitator Alison Lancaster Beckner.

  • 7-8PM during the first week of the month | Located in The Lodge Hall
  • $55 per person | RSVP Required
  • Tea, mats and bolster pillows provided
Nathan Burton/Taos News
Nathan Burton/Taos News SPACE co-owner Alison Lancaster Beckner.Saturday leads a breath work class (Jan. 21).

The Experience

We begin with a brief embodiment practice to center, then we connect to the breath. Gradually, in a supine position, the active breathing begins to build and the element of sound is introduced into the experience. At first gently, Tibetan bowls and percussive rhythms create a sensory experience that grounds you deeply into the earth. Guided by sound, the breath increases in intensity, offering opportunity for expansion. Singing bowls, steady percussion, rhythmic beats and affirmations continue to support the process, leading up to a final invitation for release. As the waves of the gong begin to crash around you, the brain is prompted into deep relaxation. As the pace of the breath slows, you are bathed in sound through the pure and ethereal tones of the crystal bowls. A meditative state of integration and relaxation ensues as you find yourself in peace and fully at home in your body and mind.
  • Upcoming dates:

    Wednesday, April 5

    Thursday, May 4 – featuring Reiki/Sound Healer, Audrey Lobdell

    Friday, June 2

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