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Holidays at Bishop's Lodge

Food. Family. Fire.

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Experience the raw, sacred beauty exclusive to our high-desert surrounds. Celebrate the holidays and set intentions for the new year with an indulgent winter’s feast for the body, mind and soul.

Exclusive Events

Each holiday celebration at Bishop's Lodge is a gift of treasured memories.

We’ve partnered with Dixon Rand, a local brand inspired by Heritage Americana, Dixon Rand has become synonymous with quality denim menswear and accessories, as well as rare and notable offerings.

Lighting of Farolito Tree

December 23 | Beginning at 4:30pm

We’re hosting our second annual tree lighting at Bishops Lodge plaza - the lighting of our glowing farolito tree! Gather with us for live music, warm festive beverages, and bites as we ring in the holiday season.


Embracing a season of native sounds & new traditions at Bishops Lodge

On select evenings throughout Thanksgiving into the New Year, we will spark a festive spirit and set a warm, nostalgic ambience, through the influence of live music.

  • December

    24 & 25 | Bring in the spirit of Christmas with live music as you gather around the table in SkyFire
    26 & 27 | The sounds of the festive season continue in the living room of SkyFire
    31 | We’re ringing in the new year with live music, dance, and spirited cocktails

Christmas Celebration

December 22 - December 27, 2022

Forge new traditions when you gather together to experience the vibrant art, culture and cuisine of New Mexico with the festive season. Warm your body with Mexican Hot Chocolate and a celebration of chiles on Christmas Day.

  • Biscochitos Making
  • Christmas Jazz Brunch
  • Christmas Prix Fixe 4-Course with Optional Wine Pairing
  • 'Mission' Wine Tasting
  • 'Old World' Wine Tasting
  • Christmas Eve Chapel Service
  • Puzzles in Pulitzer
  • Ski Santa Fe
  • Ski Taos Experience Add-on
  • Watercolor al Fresco
  • Santa Fe Walking Tour
  • Fly Fishing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Journey into Shamanism
  • Check Rates

New Year Celebration

December 31, 2022 - January 1, 2023

Awaken your senses with special menus rooted in the local terrain, and activities that will activate your embolden your physical, mental and spiritual goals.

  • Morning Star Readings
  • New Year's Eve Brunch
  • New Year's Eve Dinner Prix Fixe 4-Course Optional Wine Pairing
  • Happy New Year Hike
  • Ski Santa Fe
  • Ski Taos Experience Add-on
  • Watercolor al Fresco
  • Santa Fe Walking Tour
  • Fly Fishing
  • Horseback Riding
  • Journey into Shamanism
  • Check Rates


Embrace the healing powers of water, fire, scent, and sound. The infrared sauna allows for relief, detoxification, and restoration.

Stream Dance Scrub

Create your own personalized seasonal scrub for a bespoke exfoliation experience, crafted from raw turbinado sugar, unscented base oil and a selection of winter healing herbs. A deep exfoliation will help to revive dry skin, followed by an application of rich,nourishing shea butter and relaxation massage. Cap off the treatment with a soothing cup of High Desert Sage herbal tea.

Serene Essence

Our deeply therapeutic aromatherapy massage begins with your intuitive selection of aromas of Vata, Pitta or Kapha. These thoughtfully curated essences will guide you through a unique, deeply relaxing and aromatic experience that is enhanced with a scalp kneading and Kansa Wand massage.Choose your massage pressure and allow us to take you on the calming and healing Ayurvedic journey.

Bathe in Nature Soak

A guided sound journey while soaking in the bath - available in-room or in-spa.

Journey into Shamanism Experience

Shamanism, a spiritual practice that has been around for over 10,000 years, connects the human to the divine. All of us have the capacity to communicate with our spirit guides. Journey Into Shamanism is an experiential workshop that teaches you how to travel to the unseen worlds to meet these guides in order to receive guidance and healing. Learn how to communicate, nurture, and grow your relationships with these beings.

Stay for the Holidays

Contemporary luxury and historic heritage come together this holiday season in these spacious guestrooms, suites, and casitas.

One-of-a-Kind Holiday Adventures

Discover beautiful wooded hiking trails in Santa Fe National Forest which can be accessed straight from the property; embark on a pueblo tour to learn about the fascinating history and culture of Santa Fe; or get grounded with the soothing vibrations of crystal bowl sound bathing in a private meditation class.