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2 night stay

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4-Day Itinerary Camp Auberge

Escape with Auberge and discover our unique new take on the classic family vacation with the Ultimate Summer Itinerary.


Together this Summer

Discover new ways to spend time together with interludes and experiences for all ages, and exclusive family-focused getaways to savor time like never before with those you love most. Speak with one of our itinerary designers at 855.472.3188.

INCLUDED ON ALL STAYS JUNE 1 2023 - SEPTEMBER 30 2023 Complimentary kids' meals all summer

Day 1


Arrive at the farm and wash off your journey with our welcome hand washing ritual, the invigorating scent of eucalyptus soothes your senses. Sip on a refreshing farm lemonade as you stroll to your cabin.

2:00 PM | Explore the hiking trails

After getting settled in the cabin, grab your hiking boots and walk the 3.5 miles of walking trails around Wildflower Farms. Be sure to visit Sprouts, our natural playground, head down to the river and pick some Hudson Valley shale rock, and use your in room binoculars to observe the local wildlife.

6:00 PM | Snacks on the Great Porch & Woodchopping Ritual

Dusk on the Great Porch is lively with cozy seating around the sunken firepits. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail while taking in our dusk ritual of chopping wood for the fires.

7:00 PM | Dinner in Clay at a Chef's table

Smell the wood roasted vegetables and taste a specially curated amuse bouche while enjoying dinner sitting at a chef's table, a one-of-a-kind experience in Clay.

Day 2

8:30 AM | Feed the Animals

Meet our feathered, early morning risers and participate in giving the chickens of Wildflower Farms grains and water while collecting the day’s fresh egg bounty.
Eggs from the morning session can be brought into the restaurant and enjoyed for breakfast.

11:00 AM | Rising Blooms Focaccia Class (All ages welcome)

A hands on lesson in Maplehouse with the Focaccia Flourist to make signature sourdough focaccia adorned with edible flowers, vegetables and seasonal produce. Guests enjoy mixing, tasting and baking and are sent home with their own beautiful loaf.

1:00 PM | Lunch by the pool

Our summer season brings an exciting new restaurant to the farm, Dew Bar. Enjoy vegetable forward, refreshing dishes while feeling the breeze off the Shawangunk Mountain and dipping your toes in the pool.

1:00 PM | Family afternoon at the pool

In a private cabana, spend an afternoon lounging by the pool. Check in with our Itinerary Designers to book swim lessons!

7:00 PM | Dinner in New Paltz

A quick ten minute drive into New Paltz offers a dining experience away from the farm for the night. Our Itinerary Design team can reserve the perfect place for dinner overlooking the Shawangunk Ridge.

7:00 PM | Wild Explorers evening drop off

With our partner The Learning Labs for Littles, parents can drop off their Wild Exploreres for an evening of discovering all things simple and natural through multi-sensory learning experiences. This wind down evening session prepares little ones for a restful night of sleep while parents enjoy some time alone.

8:00 PM | Stargazing under the Ridge

Grab a blanket and take stroll with our stargazing expert away from the glow of the Great Porch to spend the evening gazing into the sky.

Day 3

8:00 AM | In room dining breakfast on cabin porch

Embrace the wild comfort of your cabin back porch with a breakfast picnic from in room dining.

9:00 AM | Forest Immersion Meditation Walk

Breathe in the transformative healing energy of the trees as you walk slowly along a meandering path on the Wildflower property. As the scents and sounds awaken your spirit and the light begins to open up your senses, you will be guided through sacred areas of forest, meadow and stream to experience all that nature has to offer for your health and wellbeing.

10:30 AM | Raising Shiitake

Meet our farmer Jax for a deep dive into the world of fungi and learn the ancient technique of growing shiitake mushrooms on logs from the forest. We will talk about the history of this ancient practice and lead guests through a hands-on workshop that teaches all the skills necessary for shiitake log inoculation.

1:00 PM | Picnic in the Meadow

Chef Rob Lawsons team prepares a farm-ingredient forward picnic for guests to enjoy in a comfortable clearing at the Farm.

3:00 PM | Cultivate Apothecary Farm Visit & Hydrosol Making

Guests looking for a wellness focused afternoon are invitied to visit the home of our spa partner, Cultivate Apothecary. Meet with owners and operators Jill and Matthew who take you on a tour through their carefully curated garden surrounding their historic Newburgh home. Hand select fragrant and essential botanicals to work into your own scented hydrosol.

3:00 PM | Cake Bikes Adventure

For guests looking for a thrilling advenure, take in the stunning Hudson Valley rolling hills around Wildflower Farms on the all electric CAKE motorbike. Follow your guide’s knowledge of the area, the bike, and winding roads as you take in the scenery. Enjoy a specialty snack mid ride from a local farm and bakery. Riding & safety gear are included.

7:00 PM | Dinner in Clay

Our signature restaurant incorporates fresh seasonal produce from our namesake farm and local ingredients from the Hudson Valley.

9:00 PM | S'mores by the fires

An evening sweet treat around one of our three firepits, it's never too warm for a gooey s'more.

Day 4

8:00 AM | Daily Wellness Class (Little Farmers Movement available )

Find your breath and reconnect with nature and yourself with an invigorating flow class, an energizing breathwork sesssion, a personal or couples training session in the Fitness & Movement studio.

10:00 AM | Honey & Hive

Start the day with our local Bee expert learning about the basics of beekeeping and why bees are the most studied insect in the world! After a brief introduction, suit up and head out to the Wildflower Farms beehives for a firsthand experience taking apart the hive, frame by frame, finding Queen Bee and learning about the development of hives throughout the seasons. A truly buzzworthy morning!

12:00 PM | Breakfast on the Great Porch

Enjoy the view and the outdoor air while enjoying breakfast at the Great Porch.

1:00 PM | Farm Sessions tour + Flower collecting

Meet our founding farmers for a daily walk through the bountiful farm. Each day brings new learnings and a comprehensive overview of the ethos of the farm. At the end of the tour, walk through the flower beds and gardens to learn best practices for flower harvest and preservation. Guests make selections to snip and bundle their own bouquet to take home with them.

2:00 PM | Departure

The Grangers send guests on their way with a memorable departure token and a warm goodbye.

For Assistance

For assistance with availability and logistics, please contact us at 855.472.3188.

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