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Dining at Wildflower Farms
Dining at Wildflower Farms

Dine at Wildflower Farms

Source-origin cuisine paying tribute to the Hudson Valley

Celebrate the seasons and land that nourish us

Fusing the concept of wild comfort with a passion for ingredients sourced from the property’s namesake farm , the epicurean program at Wildflower Farms is a love letter to the seasons and stories of the Hudson Valley. Three distinct experiences offer an exploration of New American cuisine as told through global techniques and flavors.

Clay Restaurant interior
Salmon dish
Chef slicing beets on a cutting board


The epicenter of the experience at Wildflower Farms, Clay courts guests with a creative and curious kitchen. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the rustic new American menu pairs seasonal vegetables grown from local farms and onsite in clay rich soils, with well-sourced animal proteins for a dining experience that celebrates the region’s bounty. Menus are accompanied by a considered wine list that uniquely places farming practices at the forefront, spotlighting stalwarts of the Old and New Worlds alongside exciting new vintners. Seasonal cocktails are simple and classic, making the most of the surrounding gardens to incorporate unexpected infusions, tinctures, and flavors.
Great Porch interior

The Great Porch

This open-air venue offers unparalleled views of the Shawangunk Ridge. Mornings begin with relaxed coffee and pastries, the afternoon brings light, shareable bites before evolving into a destination for pre-dinner cocktails. Satisfying bar snacks accompany the evening drinks, which call for gathering around the fire with friends after a leisurely dinner.

Poolside dining at Wildflower Farms

Dew Bar

This memorable poolside experience is set amongst fields of wildflowers and greenery, and spotlights culinary talent in a relaxed, sun-drenched setting. Offered seasonally from May until October, Dew Bar serves refreshing cocktails to complement the small bites and lunch throughout warm afternoons.