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2 night stay

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Flowers and pottery
Flowers and pottery

Pressed Flower Pottery


The Experience

Join local Hudson Valley artist, Demetria Chappo for a peaceful and creative pottery class. Begin with a single ball of clay, moving methodically through a mindfulness meditation that grounds you in nature as the clay warms and shapes into a pinch pot. Demetria leads in creating a pot, teaching different hand building techniques, pinching and rolling coils into dishes and small forms that will then showcase the beautiful wildflowers from the landscape. Dive into surface design using hand picked flowers to create impressions in the clay and paint with a seasonal palette of underglazes. Pieces are glazed off site and sent to guests within four weeks time.

  • Available on Wednesdays | 4:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Held in Maplehouse
  • Group experience | private experience available upon request
  • Book 7 days in advance

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