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Springhouse | Restoration and Recovery

Designed as a pre-treatment offering or post workout recovery, our Springhouse regimen integrates contrast techniques and bio-hacking technologies to activate the body’s natural healing processes. These methods use heat, cold, steam, and micro salts to optimize physical performance and improve health.


Springhouse Regimen

Advance reservations are required. Call 707.699.6260 to book.
  • *Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber | Aids recovery and increases circulation and oxygenation (requires 48 hour advance booking)

  • *Cold Plunge Bath | Reduces inflammation, muscle soreness, and alleviates pain

  • Tepidarium | Relaxes muscles and strengthens immune system

  • Salt Therapy | Supports lymphatic system, increases energy and reduces stress

  • Cedar Sauna | Dry heat detoxifies the body and aids relaxation

  • Steam Room | Wet heat detoxifies the body and improves circulation

  • *Additional charges apply