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Agave Art Studio

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Agave Fine Art Studio & Gallery has evolved into a virtual space just for you! Our full merchandise and unique gallery pieces can now be found online and are just one click away from being on their way to your home Our team will continue within our regular gallery in case you'd prefer to stop in for an in-person local shopping experience. We would love to see you there! Our gallery represents a selection of international Mexican Artists, each with a uniquely modern approach to their creations. Collectively, Agave Art Studio artists together promote contemporary optimism and a colorful view of life. In this exhibition you will find vibrant culture with an ethos of commitment from our community of artists. We strive to create unforgettable exhibitions, events, and experiences designed to inspire and bring joy.


Art Classes

Each one of us has an inner artistic ability and our unique creative expression. Our Local Artist from La Baja will guide you through a painting journey. Painting with Acrylics, you can test your skills with a step-by-step guided lesson and create your own piece of art. Let your creativity flow while on vacation!
  • Private Only (any day from 12 - 4 pm)
  • Reservations required
  • Minimum age, 12 years old | $300 USD 1- 2 people, person extra $130 USD up to 4 people
  • All supplies included and a glass of Mexican wine, a shot of Tequila or Mezcal

Paint & Sip

Enjoy a rotation of beautiful Mexican art while sipping wine from Baja California, Tequila from Jalisco or Mezcal from Oaxaca -- all made in Mexico. Feeling inspired? Grab a brush and splash your talent on one of our canvases to be displayed as part of the Esperanza Art collection.
  • From Monday to Saturday
  • 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM
  • Complimentary
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Agave Art Studio

Guest Artists at Agave

Julio Cesar Soto Agave


Born in the city of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico. With a career of more than 20 years, participating in various national and international exhibitions. Being a graduate in architecture and sculpture by the UAS, his approach to painting was self-taught. Creative mind and told search for avant-garde techniques, which give to the disciplines that developed a different approach to what is established. Founder and Art Director of Blanco Creative Art Center (Los Cabos,B.C.S. MX) 2018 – 2019.
  • 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm | The Artist will be painting live.
Perla Sanchez

November 13: Perla Sanchez

Strength and color energy is what she seeks to capture in each one of her paintings, which each paint becomes alive with a contemporary language and easy to understand. Each brushstroke seeks to leave a trace of color that grabs the viewer and wraps him or her in an atmosphere of joy. In addition, she experiments with different materials to achieve a variety of textures and her work acquires relief in some areas. For Perla, the whole world is her color palette "everything around me may be a source of inspiration", from nature to the human figure, being her topics more recurrent flowers, seas, fashion and dancers. With more than 10 years of experience she has participated in several “solo” and group exhibitions in Mexico, as well as an honorific mention in the Northwest of Biennial Arts.
  • 5:00 - 9:00 pm | The Artist will be painting live.
Aurora Covarrubias Agave

November 20: Aurora Covarrubias

Mexican Plastic Artist and Jewelry Designer, in love with life, passionate to the bone. All her senses merge when creating. Life is not enough to put on canvas everything she thinks and wants. She has studied and exhibited in several countries such as Mexico, The United States, Costa Rica and Spain. She loves traveling, the world intrigues and inspires her at the same time. Always connected to nature and sensible to the world we live in. She expresses messages and universal conflicts in a simple and fun way. Mixed technique prevails in her works; constant experimentation of textures and materials. In her art she reflects her life, dreams, ideals, and fantasies. Art is her life - she lives it, breathes it, feels it and dreams it.
Fernando Nafarrate

November 24: Fernando Nafarrate

"I was born in Villa de Ahome, Sinaloa with a soul that is both sensitive and expressive. I discovered painting to be the perfect way for me to discharge these inner energies, emotions and relay what my spirit feels driven to say.I have also always been drawn to nature. The beauty of it’s unlimited light, color, and movement, and the way it transforms our surroundings fascinates me and opens my mind to new realities and life surprises. Through my art, I just want to express my personal creed that life is more than surviving the day to day. It can offer us so much more if we are willing to look and are open to new experiences. In painting I find moral and spiritual satisfaction, it motivates me and keeps me moving towards my ideals". Now Fernando is a full time contemporary Artist based in Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.
Ivan Hernandez Agave

November 27: Ivan Hernandez

Ivan is originally from a small indigenous community in Oaxaca called Mitia. It was formed chiefly by artists and artisans. Ivan has more than 20 years of painting experience while working with different artists in Oaxaca. He worked in the restoration of monuments with Rodolfo Morales in an effort to promote the art and culture of the State of Oaxaca. Los Cabos has been his home for 10 years.


Ricardo Quero it's the artist behind all Cabokero Studio concept and ideas, His work and himself are one, his roots are embedded deep in the southeast of Mexico, in the land of Oaxaca, land that for hundreds of years has been and continues to be the greatest exponent in pre-Hispanic culture in Mexico as an artistic expression. Of all the cultures that make up the rich history of Mexico, and that of Oaxaca in particular, theirs is the Zapoteca, a town that from the ancient walled city of Mitla, the so-called City of the Dead, the Zapteca people managed to maintain its traditions with pride and joy through the centuries , despite the difficulties of time and conquest of close or distant cultures Growing up in a rich community of artisans, in which patience and dedication are a priority, this technique was inspired by a tradition of its people, called "Pan de Mitla", in honor of the ancient capital of the dead of the Zapotec people, in which every year, in the traditional "day of the dead", where traditional sweet breads, are decorated with sweet as a decoration, as an offering for the deceased.

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