November 27: Fifth Annual EsperanzARTE

Art, Food, Drinks & Live Music

Art, Food, Drinks & Live Music

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The Experience

Join us for an evening of wining, dining and creative inspiration. Read on to explore the colorful history of the participating artists. At the 5th annual EsperanzARTE event, Los Cabo’s finest chefs unite within our five-star resort and align with a hand-selected collection of Mexican artists to take you on a sensory journey, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Surround yourself with creativity while feasting on an incredible cuisine with creative cocktail pairings.

Esperanzarte El Jimador

Honoring the traditional “Agave” and "El Jimador"

As a special feature, a Jimador will be working live during the event. A jimador is a type of Mexican farmer who harvests agave plants, which are harvested primarily for the production of mezcal, sotol and tequila. This task requires the skill of identifying ripe agave, which ripens in between 8 and 12 years. The primary tool of a jimador is the "coa de jima", a flat-bladed knife at the end of a long pole that resembles a hoe, used to first remove the flower from the agave, which causes the central pineapple (or piña) to swell. Later, the piña is harvested, using the same tool to cut off all of the external leaves of the plant, leaving only the pulpy center which is then chopped and cooked in preparation for the mezcal or tequila production.

Working Their Magic

Alejandrina Calderoni, Tanya Talamante, Enrique Ortega, Juan Sotomayor, Elisa Pasquel, Juan Carlos Braceda, "El Nacho", Laura Urrea, Francois Paris, Hugo Aguilar, Iván Hernadez and Master Artisan Saul Moreno, will bring a piece of work with their own interpretation of this year's main concept, “The Agave” plus the rest of their new 2019 art show. Live performance of each artist during the event.

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Guest Chefs

Executive Chef Guillermo J. Gómez will be joined by the best local chefs, Alex Branch of Acre, Andrés Bracamontes of Bar Esquina, César Pita of Cielo Mar, Paolo della Corte of NOBU Los Cabos, and Javier Galindo of La Lupita Taco&Mezcal.

Ole Rose

Mixology at its best!

Esperanza Resort's Mixologist will join forces with AGAVE Mexican Spirits Boutique, Osvaldo Vázquez of Comal Bar, BajaWines, Código 1530 Tequila, Espiritu Lauro Mezcal and Mixology Fusion Bar, to create unique drinks.
DJ JAuregui Esperanzarte

DJ Jauregui

Get your groove on with local talent DJ Jauregui, who promises to deliver tunes throughout the night to suit all tastes! From classic house to funk, Nu Disco to Indie Dance, DJ Jauregui has an impressive repertoire ready to share with you.
Kilometro Band Esperanzarte

Kilometro Band

Kilometro Band were the house residents of world-famous Cabo Wabo for 6 years before switching things up by transitioning to event appearances. Celebrated as Cabo's most loved rack band, Kilometro have performed live with true greats like George Strait and rock legends KISS!

A Glimpse Back at our 4th EsperanzaARTE, when we honored the Grey Whale. Eclectic artists, supremely talented chefs, unforgettable music and meeting new friends - the ultimate combination for an exceptional event!


Join us for the 5th Annual EsperanzARTE!

Seize the opportunity to sample delectable cuisine, Mexican spirits and art from a smorgasbord of Cabo’s talented chefs, mixologists and artists. Plus, live music + DJ!

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