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Live at the Mansion


The Experience

Each week, take a seat in the Living Room with a cocktail in hand and a great soundtrack to accompany the scene. With the sounds of anything from modern pedal steel to fresh jazz floating through the air, you will have the perfect vibes to take you into the weekend.

  • Fridays | 6-8PM
  • June artist: Sydney Wright
  • Open to all overnight guests and members

About Sydney Wright

Sydney Wright has been writing songs since childhood. When she's not on stage, Wright is behind the console mixing performances as a live sound engineer, and it shows. Austin Chronicle has called Sydney Wright a "pop polymath" with "lush, layered" songs that build the way a storm gathers. With influences ranging from Kimbra and Ed Sheeran to her dad’s bluegrass licks she heard as a kid growing up in the small town of Snyder, Texas, she creates a sonically complex, live-looped show all her own. As her unique style uses piano, Ableton tracks, sampled beats and layered vocals, it’s compelling to know that most of her early songs started out as country tunes. With this wide variety of exciting material coming at us so fast, followers of Sydney Wright’s work are braced to be surprised.

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