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En Plein Air Estate Art & Craft Classes


The Experience

Join artist and photographer Jonathan Maurel to learn the fundamentals of drawing, watercolor, flower pressing and more at the Estate. Jonathan will walk you through the unique process behind different art practices to create your own unique art piece. 

  • Wednesdays | 6-7PM
  • Members $60 | Hotel guests $75

2024 Monthly Class Schedule


  • June 19 | Photography 101

    Join Jonathan on a captivating journey through the basics of photography, where you’ll explore its rich history and master essential controls like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. This foundational class will empower you to understand your camera and the art of photography, setting the stage for deeper dives into composition, color theory, and storytelling.

  • July 17 | The Art of Spray Paint

    Discover the amazing art of mural painting through a collaborative workshop. This is a hands-on experience that will teach the students the different painting techniques, brands of professional paint and how to use different caps to get different effects.


  • August 14 | Watercolor Class

    Learn the art of watercolor, from mastering water and paint ratios to creating beautiful blends on paper.

  • September 18 | Hat Band Workshop

    Craft a unique band for your headwear using carefully sourced materials, transforming your hat into a personal story.

  • October 16 | Inking Techniques

  • November 13 | Studio Portraiture

    Master the art of cross hatching in illustration by starting with a sketch and learning to create values and shading using just one pen.

  • December 4 | Holiday Cards Watercolor Class

Private Art Classes in the Garden Nook

  • Botanical Drawing

    Before taking a brief tour of the Estate Gardens, where you’ll meet with our talented landscaping director, Austin Gentry, to explore his favorite local plants that flourish around the Estate. After gathering clippings of Native Texan plants found on the grounds, create your own botanical drawing as local artist Jonathan Maurel teaches of pencil sketching and inking using fundamental techniques like shading, cross hatching and inking during an hour-long class.

  • Flower Pressing Class

    Join our resident artist, Jonathan Maurel, and gardener, Austin, for a lesson in the art of flower pressing featuring the seasonal flora of the Estate. Class will begin by learning the history of the Estate grounds and the surrounding flora and fauna in season and their symbolism to Commodore Perry, followed by harvesting clippings and exploring botanical pressing practices to create personal cards for loved ones.

  • Members $125 | Hotel guests $150

  • Minimum 2 people | Maximum 8

  • (Larger groups available; please inquire)

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