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El Molino Coffee Shop

Within the sanctuary of our courtyard café, we joyfully pour cups of BUNA coffee, an innovative brand celebrated for its commitment to sustainable practices, meaningful farmer partnerships, and community enrichment, all integral to Mexican agriculture. Experience the rich tapestry of varied landscapes in each sip as the beans make their way from verdant farms directly to your cup, and treat yourself to BUNA’s meticulously crafted creations, ranging from velvety flat whites to full-bodied cold brews steeped to perfection. Delectable, freshly baked bagels, croissants, and biscuits generously adorned with silky eggs, creamy avocado, and smoked salmon await as the perfect bite to kick off the day. Alternatively, find nourishment in a handcrafted smoothie created with garden-fresh ingredients, and indulge in homemade gelatos for refreshing pick-me-up anytime.

  • 6AM – 6PM

  • Mood is relaxed and casual

  • Located in the courtyard near the lobby