cowboy roping and riding horse
Test your skills on a horse while working a lasso
cowboy roping and riding horse

7-Day Sample Itinerary

Legendary West

Great American Driving Trip

Itinerary Highlights
Vibe: Horizons, heritage, horses
Reminiscent of: Cappadocia, Turkey; Atacama, Chile.
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Road at the Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah
Day 1

Embark on a Great American Road Trip into the Legendary West

Los Angeles
Brown rocky mountain under blue sky in Nevada
Day 2

4 hrs 10 minutes from LA

Las Vegas/Lake Mead
Morning sunlight over the amphitheater at Bryce Canyon viewed from Inspiration Point.
Day 3

4 hrs from Las Vegas

Bryce Canyon National Park
Sunrise Ride with breakfast at the Blue Sky Tavern
Day 5, 6, 7

4 hrs 20 minutes from Bryce Canyon National Park

The Lodge at Blue Sky
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Red Tail Suite at the Lodge at Blue Sky in Utah
Red Tail Suite balcony view

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