Woman looking out over Santa Fe National Forest
Woman looking out over Santa Fe National Forest

Renew with Auberge

Sound. Rest. Movement. Healing.

Renew your spirit and invigorate your body and mind with immersive, multi-sensory experiences rooted in the history of Santa Fe.

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Ancient Traditions, Modern Applications
From the pulse and vibrations of locally-crafted drums to the acoustic creativity of a Grammy-nominated engineer, discover the power of sound. For a greater sense of calm and significant physical benefits, uncover the power of rest. Travel to a meditative place of simplicity and truth with a Native American spiritual teacher or explore local botanica and tea to harness the power of ancient healing traditions.

Honing the Power of Sound
Sound therapy practitioners
Channel music as medicine
Music, sound, and frequency have been used in many cultures dating back to nearly the beginning of time. Heal with Native American flute player, WalkingStar and an accompanying array of percussion instruments by Thunder as they serve as vehicles for Spirit — the Light and Sound of Source.
Saturday, January 29 from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
$150 per person | Optional Brunch for $70
In addition to this featured experience, this is available year round by request

Beautiful hand-made Native American Indian drum made of buffalo hide with beads and fur
Take a meditative ‘journey’ through drumming
This workshop teaches Shamanic Journeying, a method of connecting with our spirit guides who can help with day to day life, self empowerment, and healing. Shaman Matt Campos utilizes the pulse and vibration of drums along this journey.
1 hour or longer depending on personal journey
$250 per person
Tuning fork in sound therapy
Restore balance through sacred sound therapy
Settled in a sacred space, access the body’s central energetic pathways and the spiral energy of the body through the octaves of tuning forks, music, and therapeutic oils. Restore balance, bringing the body and mind into alignment.
60-minute experience focuses exclusively on the upper torso
50 minutes $195 | 90 minutes $290
A fire pit at Bishop's Lodge
Experience the power of group healing
Gather around the fire in meditation as the helper cleanses and plays the drums around the circle. She will deliver messages as they come through the experience. Meditate to the beat of a different drum.
$495 for two people
Bath tub at Bishop's Lodge
Bathe in Nature
When we Sēfari, we are suspended in the embrace of warm water, lulled by the rhythmic sounds of nature, and guided to a liminal state of soft fascination where creativity and healing can occur. It is a practice of embodiment. A technique for subduing the overactive mind in order to awaken the central intelligence of the heart. The acoustics of this Sēfari journey were made in collaboration with artist & inner-space explorer Justin Boreta and acoustically mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer, Johannes Raassina of Snowcloud music. Draw a bath and sink into the unknown.

Movement and Rest
Woman running her hands through tall grass
Reconnect with the land through a moving meditation
Experience the New Mexico landscape in both the micro and macro sense, allowing the smallest movement of the pinon tree or the vast openness of the sky to inform movement on the landscape. The practice is suited for anyone wanting to reconnect deeply with the land and the abundant creativity it offers. Warm bath follows.
1 hour
$125 per person
Three women carrying yoga mats at Bishop's Lodge
Unite your spirit, mind and body
At Pilates Santa Fe, they use Pilates to assist in the transformation of individuals to become self aware and empowered to meet the challenges of life with vitality, balance, power and joy. Following your workout, rejuvenate your body and mind with a session of therapeutic oxygen which is especially helpful for those acclimating to the altitude.
1 hour + travel time
$125 per person, transportation not included
Yoga nidra at Bishop's Lodge
Uncover the power of rest
Yoga Nidra is an ancient practice guiding you through a journey of “self awareness.” This form of guided rest helps to induce tranquil sleep, manage immune function, blood pressure and cortisol levels, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. Experience this guided meditation as a break from everyday stressors, instilling a greater sense of balance and calm.
45 minutes
$170 per person

Ancient Healing Traditions
a buck on the Bishop's Lodge grounds
Listen to this ‘song and dance’ called life
Tony Redhouse chose to be a pioneer, courting melodies from distant lands and marrying them with his own Native American music which led him to work with wellness icons, like Deepak Chopra. “I hope that this eclectic blending of diverse musical expressions from around the world will inspire people to appreciate their own unique and valuable place in this Universe,” says Tony.
$250 per session or $700 for all events
Healing Meditations | Wednesday, March 25 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM - Listen to live Native American flute music mixed with world music soundscapes to guide you into a place of stillness and peace, experience what is deep within your soul to receive healing.
Talking Circle Ceremony | Thursday, March 26 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM - In this ancient Native American tradition, we will honor both roles of being a good listener (follower) and speaking from the heart (leader) through healthy communication with each other in a Talking Circle.
Drumming Circle "Returning to the Healing Heartbeat" | Friday, March 27 from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM - Be astounded at the Universal Harmony when drums unite as one pulsing “heartbeat.”

Two women meditating
Find clarity through private healing sessions
With ceremony, spiritual narrative, and positive affirmations, find peace in recovery from trauma, loss, unresolved relationships, grief, fear, depression, and confusion. Guide direction will lead you back to the essence of your foundations of true inner beauty with the heartbeat of unconditional love.
60 minutes
$365 per session
Botanical therapies
Unearth botanical remedies
Experience the Botanica Remedy, an in-depth conversation and inquiry to uncover the specific flower remedies that can best support you in your life at this time. Flower remedies work on the mental, emotional, spiritual and soul levels of our lives. After the session, a custom blend will be crafted and personalized to take home.
90 minutes
Tea ceremony at Bishop's Lodge
Drink in a bowl tea ritual
Explore the ritual of bowl tea meditation. Tea is brewed in ceremonial vessels and served into bowls in a guided meditation. Each meditation is about 20 minutes, guiding you into a tea practice enhanced by nature’s wisdom and sustained by our healing arts soundscapes.
2 hours
$225 for two people | $75 each additional person

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Sacred Space Meditation
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Woman sipping tea in a suite at Bishop's Lodge
Woman sipping tea in a suite at Bishop's Lodge

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