Two women meditating overlooking a mountain valley in Santa Fe
Two women meditating overlooking a mountain valley in Santa Fe

Turquesa Healing Arts Studio

A Santa Fe wellness retreat dedicated to physical and vibrational healing

Turquesa Lodge is a wellness sanctuary rooted in ancient ritual and is inspired by the healing power of Mother Nature. Guests are invited to align body, mind and spirit with regionally inspired treatments and products which feature natural, locally-grown bloom-to-bottle ingredients. In summer of 2022, guests will experience the grand opening of Turquesa Healing Arts Studio, offering expansive relaxation spaces throughout the spa to provide a soothing environment in which to pause and reconnect with the self.

  • Restorative treatments and experiences in Turquesa Lodge or in the privacy of your guest room
  • Nourish your body with organic, plant-based ingredients
  • Relax with hand-made local tea
Incense making materials at Bishops' Lodge
woman having a hot stone massage at Turquesa Healing Arts Studio in Santa Fe
Pool lounger with water, hat, towel and book
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The Experience

Turquesa Healing Arts Studio

The wellness experiences at Turquesa are crafted to address the individual needs of each person in a holistic way. Indulge in a restorative massage to ease sore muscles after a day of hiking or horseback riding; promote energetic flow with turquoise healing gem therapy; get aligned with chakra balancing practices; or calm erratic energy with the soothing vibrations of crystal bowl sound therapy. Drawing inspiration from the rich artistic heritage of Santa Fe, therapeutic art invites you to connect with your inner child to express, discover, and heal with a playful, gentle approach of unbridled curiosity.

The Studio Garden

A lush outdoor space within Turquesa Healing Arts Studio which invites you to pause, breathe and set intentions.
Woman walking in the gardens at Bishop's Lodge

Garden Studio Experiences

Relax with a cup of antioxidant-rich cacao, or join one of our hosted experiences within the garden such as guided meditation, tea ceremonies, vibrational sound healing, and workshops such as Creating Sacral Floral Essences and Healing Herb Bundles.

Garden Facial at Bishop's Lodge

The Garden Facial

Forage in the garden for healing herbs which can be ground-up and used in a personalized herbal mask treatment.

Four women doing yoga outdoors at Bishop's Lodge

Mindfulness and Movement

Greet the day with an invigorating Vinyasa flow before exploring Santa Fe National Forest; connect with your loved ones with Family Yoga; or relax before bedtime with candlelit restorative yoga. Guests are invited to take their practice into the great outdoors to reap even more calming benefits. Take a mindful moment at the beginning of each practice to take deep breaths of fresh mountain air and set intentions.
  • Guided meditation and singing bowl therapy aids in powerful relaxation

  • Create a highly personal artistic masterpiece with therapeutic art classes

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Woman foraging on a hike at Bishop's Lodge

Massage at Bishop's Lodge's Turquesa Healing Arts Studio

Woman doing a watercolor painting of the Bishop's Lodge chapel