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Ships from Yard to Sea



Newport's rich history has always been tied to the sea, with trade and shipbuilding at the forefront of both 19th and early 20th century economy and culture. From being coined as the Yachting Capital of the U.S. to the development of a strong fishing economy, the tie to ships in Newport is unparalleled. Become a part of the tradition as you watch shipwrights keep the skills and techniques of shipbuilding alive. Venture into a small community of professional shipbuilders who continue to work in Newport as you get behind the scenes. Join these restoration experts as they open their doors for a private glimpse into their ongoing projects which could be anywhere from building a 68' schooner to restoring a classic racing yacht.

  • Approximately two-hours
  • $300 per guest | Maximum of four guests
  • Must book 48-hours in advance
  • Please speak with our Mansion Concierge to book, 401.846.6200

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