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Our Social Purpose

Supporting Women to Rebuild a More Equal Society

Enriching Lives

The Vanderbilt Family is often recognized for the powerful male figures, however, their wives and daughters used their extraordinary talents and formidable influence to engage in important causes outside of the traditional, domestic realm. From philanthropic pursuits and the arts to the preservation of historical landmarks with the establishment of local museums, and most notably the tireless effort on behalf of women’s suffrage by Alva Belmont Vanderbilt - efforts of the female family members were often overlooked. We chose a mission to honor the Vanderbilt women and their selfless efforts by partnering with the Women's Resource Center of Newport. We strive to recognize and support the importance of women to be equally accepted and fully involved as we re-build a more equal society.

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Supporting Equality

The Vanderbilt + Women's Resource Center, Everybody Water & Good Day

The Vanderbilt's partnerships pay homage to the legacy of change-making Vanderbilt women like Alva Belmont Vanderbilt who used her influence to advance the women’s suffrage movement and establish the Political Equality League. Over the course of the year, the hotel hosts fundraising events. This Valentine’s Day, chef Richard Gras created an exclusive to-go charcuterie menu with a portion of proceeds directly benefiting the Women’s Resource Center. To make a donation or volunteer, please visit the links below. We have also implemented a number of products stock in the minibar sourced from local vendors, specifically Everybody Water, a female owned company producing water with the goal of helping people gain access to clean water out of Boston. We also implemented the brand Good Day which produces granola that is handmade by refugees from all backgrounds in Providence, RI.

About The Vanderbilt + Our Partner Organizations

The Vanderbilt

Inspired by the insatiable wanderlust and rebellious spirit of Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, the historic downtown mansion once owned by the businessman and scion has been reinterpreted for the modern era as a lively and stylish social destination. We strive to create exceptional experiences that enrich the lives of our guests, our team members and the community at large. As part of these efforts, Vanderbilt has partnered with the Women's Resource Center of Newport, a nonprofit that empowers victims of domestic violence through education, support and advocacy programs.

Our Partner Organizations

The mission of the Women’s Resource Center is to protect, shelter, and empower people impacted by domestic and sexual violence. Their vision is to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging through the enhancement of advocacy and empowerment of survivors that is supported by a diverse and sustainable funding model.

  • The Women's Resource Center's mission is leading domestic violence prevention through the empowerment of individuals and the community by providing advocacy, education and support services.
  • Everybody Water was envisioned as a beautiful statement piece that would not only offer an alternative to plastic water bottles, but also offer the opportunity to support a company with a mission to help bring infrastructure that provides running water in people’s homes for the first time.
  • Beautiful Day helps refugees adjust to life in America by offering paid, on-the-job training. Every job in our company is designed to be part of a hands-on classroom where trainees gain critical skills and the confidence to enter the job market.