couple hiking in Utah at the Lodge at Blue Sky around sunset
Hike for miles while enjoying sweeping views at The Lodge at Blue Sky.
woman hiking across a mountain summit

Rediscover nature in the mountains

Escape to New Heights

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Draw inspiration from mesmerizing mountain views, and balance the demands of your evolving career with round-the-clock business support, and daily tutoring and childcare for your family. After an invigorating sunrise trail ride, settle into your new corner office or socially-distanced co-working space, while knowing your little ones are getting an edge with best-in-class tutors. When it’s time to unwind, gather the family for a new view on work-life harmony with a scenic cycle through high-alpine passes or guided meditation in the pristine mountain air. Turn the privacy of a suite or residence into your home away from home in the mountains.

  • Work seamlessly with the support of our Business Concierge, who are available to assist with any printing, supply, and IT needs, including setting up your in-suite office or arranging a teleconference from a socially-distanced co-working space
  • Give your children an edge with private tutors from leading tutoring company, Advantage Testing, who can work with an existing school curriculum or create a custom program
  • Schedule caregiving and nanny services so you can play, relax and unwind as you connect with nature and reconnect with each other on endless experiences
  • Choose from a selection of fresh, inspired dishes from awarded restaurants to enjoy in the comfort of your suite or residence, or keep it simple and have a daily chef-prepared lunchbox delivered at a set time each day

Exceptional Allures, Custom Itineraries

Awaken to new experiences. Be awed by every taste, every vista, every small exquisite detail and savor it deeply. Drink it all in and bathe in the simple wonder of the voyage.
Lodge at Blue Sky Itineraries

Home to nearly as many adventures as acres, The Lodge at Blue Sky is a working ranch set on a breathtaking expanse of wilderness. Make it a stop on a great American road trip or land in nearby Salt Lake City and be on a horse by the afternoon. Inquire at 435.571.0349.

  • 10 Days | Ultimate Summer Escape
  • 4 Days | Fly Fishing Enthusiast
  • 4 Days | Horse Lover

Chart a course to find the treasures of Telluride. From its natural beauty to its hometown charm, this adventurous mountain town is as precious as the gold that first beckoned miners to Colorado. Inquire at 970.369.0880.

  • 3 Days | Challenge Yourself
  • 3 Days | Blaze a Trail
  • 3 Days | Camp Madeline
Hotel Jerome Itineraries

Make Aspen your trailhead for backcountry adventures, culture and cuisine. Enjoy 120 miles of hiking and biking trail, water adventures and kid-friendly exploration - all part of the best mountain scene in the Rockies. Inquire at 855.331.7213.

  • 4 Days | Mind, Body, Spirit
  • 3 Days | Camp Junior Jeromers
water, trees and mountains
water, trees and mountains

Away. At Last.

Into the Mountains

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Explore our hotels in the mountains

Discover Endless Experiences in the Mountains

Enjoy a “top of the world” yoga session on a serene peak in Utah or an off-roading excursion to explore the Colorado high country few people get to see. Explore your next thrill in the mountains.

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Featured Experience | Elevation and Inspiration to Awaken Your Senses and Connect with Nature

In the summer of 2019 Selah was named the youngest person to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, and one of the top 50 most inspirational people by Outside Magazine. This amazing accomplishment was performed with the assistance of her father. Together they journaled the experience and provided inspiration to each other. Now let them inspire you! Join the Schneiter family on their next great adventure as they create a climbing experience curated to meet the needs of your adventurous family. Explore a multi-day discovery of Aspen's most beautiful peaks with your family and Selah and Mike.
  • June 21st- October 18th
  • Custom excursion, picnic lunch, curated journal
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Mountain adventures
From riding out to a campfire-cooked breakfast in Park City to casting a line for prized trout in Telluride, the unique pleasures of the mountains await.
Family walking on ranch

For Families

Discover a horse sanctuary in Utah, or hop on a 4x4 to cascading waterfalls in Telluride for unforgettable moments playing with your kids and grandkids.
Rock Climbing

For Couples

From taking a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Rocky Mountains followed by a Champagne toast to enjoying a magical rafting adventure under the light of a full moon in Utah, a world of experiences await for you and the one you love.
Jeep Ride

For Friends

Shoot clays under the vast open Utah sky or soar through alpine trees together on a zip line in Aspen to enjoy the true bonds of friendship that playing creates.
Trail hiking
Wanderlust is fulfilled as you explore the Aspen Forests from your basecamp at Hotel Jerome
Hotel Jerome: Incomparable - A real gem in one of the most magical towns on earth! Perfectly located and beautifully managed, with incomparable service and charm, the Jerome maintains its historical (and five-star) status while providing the most modern, chic, stylish accommodations imaginable. It's simply the best spot in town, our absolute favorite!
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Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

vegetables at market

Hotel Jerome An Expert’s Guide to the Aspen Saturday Market

I started my career as a line cook at Hotel Jerome over 20 years ago, and I’ve been lucky to be executive chef here since 2012. Through the years, I’ve seen Aspen undergo a number of changes, but one thing has stayed remarkably constant: the Aspen Saturday Market, a community gathering spot since it opened in 1998.

Rob Zack
Executive Chef
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San Juan Mountains Telluride Colorado

Madeline Colorado’s Most Scenic—and “Fruitful”—Road Trip

As an Area Director of Sales and Marketing, I cover two amazing mountain resorts: Hotel Jerome in Aspen and Madeline Hotel & Residences in Telluride. That means I’m often on the road shuttling between the two, surrounded by some of the most scenic vistas in Colorado.

Dana Cooper
Area Director of Sales and Marketing
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Utah landscape

Blue Sky Girls Getaway in a Michelin Star State

My girlfriends and I were looking for a place for a girls getaway. Our goal was great outdoor experiences and relaxed but attentive service. We wanted something a bit different this year. One friend had been to Utah before and mentioned she had a fabulous time. Of course, many of us have been skiing in Utah, but it is spring, and all the snow has melted. We were not convinced there would be anything to do. After some searching, I found out that Utah is the first state to be given three Michelin Stars!

Seeking Adventure
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Element 52 Braving Colorado’s White-Water Rapids

The roar of the Upper Piedra River is loudest when the cold, hard snow begins to melt in Telluride. So in late May, adrenaline junkies head straight for the river’s frigid Class IV rapids. “Spring runoff turns the Piedra into a raging river, perfect for intense white-water rafting,"...

Dane Olson
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rock climbing

Element 52 Seeking Sky-High Thrills at Via Ferrara

“Just breathe,” he told himself as he navigated Telluride’s thrilling trek. Studded with steel rungs and strung with ropes, Via Ferrata—one of the few of its kind in the U.S.—soars 2,000 feet high and offers aerial views of a tree-littered valley and the town. The adrenaline-pumping, two-mile expedition includes navigating a rock wall, walking along a sheer cliff trail only a foot wide...

Mike Levy
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paragliding over aspen mountains

Hotel Jerome How to Soar Like a Bird Over Aspen

My wife Maggie and I are Co-Captains of the Banquets Team, where you will usually find us presiding over wedding receptions and corporate events, orchestrating all the minute details from setting up 12-piece place settings to making sure the procession of courses and wine pairings goes smoothly. But I also lead a double life. As many mornings as possible, I soar like a bird high over Aspen as a paragliding instructor. It’s the most exhilarating feeling to see the four ski mountains—Aspen, Snowmass, Highlands, and Buttermilk—and the entire valley from such a high vantage point.

Tomek Pegiel
Banquet Captain
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Aspen swing

Hotel Jerome Swinging High in Aspen

I moved to Aspen last summer and soon adopted the same ritual as a lot of locals I know: trekking up Smuggler Mountain for an invigorating morning hike. The usual reward is a sweeping view of the town of Aspen and the Roaring Fork Valley from the observation deck at the summit. But on my last trek, I found another reward far sooner. Just off the first turn, I spotted a wooden swing carved with the words #AspenSwingProject. Whether you use it for a short rest, or pump your legs for a childish thrill like I did, the swing truly is a “random act of kindness.”

Christine Sills
Assistant Director of Events
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Hotel Jerome Fireworks, Sunsets and a 4th Floor Balcony

There is a semi-secret spot at the Jerome on the fourth floor balcony that is a great place to have a drink, watch fireworks or see the sun set down over the valley. It’s a hidden nook and it’s just a sweet place to get some fresh air and look out at the Aspen mountains. You might even find Tony, our General Manager, up there taking in the beauty of this amazing town, which never gets old - which Tony should know as he as been here 35 years. PS: Don't let him know that I told you about his secret spot.

Director of Sales & Marketing
teen skiier

Hotel Jerome Don't Be Fooled Aspen Is For Kids

A word of warning for parents— your kids are one Junior Je-Roamer trip away from breaking your croquet winning streak, taking the "ski-ripper" family title, or showing you up at fishing. Aspen may be an adult’s paradise, but it doubles as a kid’s disneyland. While there are a myriad of adventures to explore, a Je-Roamer favorite is T-Lazy-7 Ranch, where winter is for suiting up to tour the white wonderland via snowmobile, and summer months are remembered for riding horses through Maroon Creek Valley and catching a trophy-sized rainbow trout while fly-fishing for the first time. (Don’t worry, young in age or young at heart, all are welcome.)

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Hotel Jerome My Favorite Aspen Season Isn't Winter

There’s one thing you need to know about Aspen; you’ll come for the winter, and stay for the summer. Ski season might be total heaven, but the world-renowned events going on during the warmer months make it tough to say goodbye come September.

Troy Thibeault
Chef Concierge
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mountains and animals

Element 52 Conquering a 14,000-Foot Summit

Locals lovingly call them 14ers—the majestic, rugged mountains rising above 14,000 feet that are heavily concentrated in Colorado, which has the most of any state. The quest to dominate these treacherous summits has captivated many adventurers. “The Telluride area has 14 of the state’s 53 peaks,” Troy Trinh says. “My favorite, Wilson Peak, happens to be one of the toughest. You might recognize its northern face from the Coors Light can.”

Troy Trinh
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