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Our Social Purpose

Connecting with our Community

Mālama 'aina | To Care for and Honor the Land

The phrase “mālama 'aina” infuses Hawaii’s everlasting mission to protect, preserve and respect our island. It is our kuleana (responsibility) to nurture and sustain our honua (earth) not only for our existing community, but for the generations to come. With roughly 90% of Hawaii’s food being imported, local food sources are instrumental in the wellbeing of our environment and our people. We are honored to have partnered with local, non-profit organization, Māla‘ai, to collectively teach the process of caring for our land, community, health and sustainability through our existing on-property garden, Hoʻōla.

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Hoʻōla | To Heal

Mauna Lani + Māla‘ai

The translation for “Ho’ōla” is to save, heal or cure. The word “Ola” refers to life, health, well being, means of support, alive, heal and to grant life. Ho’ōla was inspired by and exists as an extension of Māla‘ai: The Culinary Garden of Waimea Middle School. For years, Mauna Lani has partnered with Māla‘ai to provide interactive culinary experiences to the students of Waimea Middle School in their outdoor, living classroom. With the creation of Ho’ōla, we have the honor and privilege to expand our services to the community through purposeful, hands-on opportunities and meaningful connections. Supported by Māla‘ai, community partnerships and the Mauna Lani ‘ohana, Ho’ōla will educate and enrich others through the creation and continued nurturing of our mala (garden). With sustainability in mind, we aim to care for the land so it can give back to our existing community and the generations to come.

About Mauna Lani + Māla‘ai

Mauna Lani, Auberge Resorts Collection

We strive to create exceptional experiences that enrich the lives of our guests, our team members and the community at large. Nestled along the dramatic Kohala Coast and in the piko, or center, of five great mountains, Mauna Lani is a sacred oasis where generations of families and friends have made memories together on soulful lands once cherished by the greatest of Hawaiian royalty.


Since 2005, Māla‘ai has provided students at Waimea Middle School with hands-on horticulture experience. With our on-property garden we aim to serve the wellbeing of Māla‘ai’s diverse population of students, Mauna Lani team members, and the greater community by providing classes, workshops and volunteer days. During the holiday season, our Giving Tree raised more than $4,000 with 100% of the profits going to Māla‘ai. Year round, guests are invited to visit, volunteer and donate to the Living Garden and participate in culinary-related activities connected to the garden.