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Petroglyph Experiences


Written in Stone

Petroglyphs are lava rock carvings that offer valuable insight into ancient Hawaiian life. Depicting stick figures, symbols and more, these cryptic illustrations are believed to record significant life events. However, little is known of their origins.

Led by Kainalu Ocean Sports, this guided e-bike experience take place in Puakō Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve, a 223-acre petroglyph fields neighboring Mauna Lani that has more than 3,000 lava rock carvings. Throughout the ride, Kainalu Pros will share the history of petroglyphs, fishponds and more.

  • Meet at The Surf Shack
  • Mondays and Fridays at 11:30AM
  • 2 hours
  • Must be able to ride a bike to participate
  • Athleisure and comfortable shoes recommended

Hike through 223-acre Puakō Petroglyph Archaeological Preserve, one of Hawaii’s largest petroglyph fields. Situated just North of Mauna Lani, this petroglyph field holds more than 3,000 petroglyphs that are believed to depict the significant life events of those who created them.

  • North of Mauna Lani; entry is opposite of the Wellness Center & Tennis Club
  • Open daily
  • All ages
  • Athleisure and comfortable shoes recommended
  • Bring sunscreen and water

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