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Stories from Bishop's Lodge

Stories from Bishop's Lodge

Do Moving Forward with Connective Wellness

This year there’s been more focus in the media and in personal conversations on rebuilding connections and making new connections both internally and externally.

Wellness practices that encourage and incorporate building deep connection as part of their methodology are impacting people that subscribe to them in profound ways. Now multifaceted wellness is getting the serious attention it deserves. It’s no longer reserved for the fringe population that has sometimes been labeled “health nuts” or “yogis”. Large numbers of people are open to and even aggressively searching for healing that includes more than just a clinical setting.

Connective Healing at Bishop’s Lodge: Make it Count

The healers and wellness experiences available at Bishop’s Lodge harness the power of establishing or re-establishing connection to oneself, one another, nature, and the spirit world. Guests come expecting delectable food, cozy accommodations, and scenic views. They’re not always expecting to experience transformative mental and physiological change. And that’s often a much longer lasting take-away.

We have two suggestions to help guests take full advantage of the connective healing experiences offered at the Bishop’s Lodge:

1) Open up. The healing process asks for vulnerability. Know that you’re in a safe soothing place where there is room to release long held tension and to explore other more supportive states of being. Whether through sound healing, outdoor meditation, a deeply personal intuitive healing session, or any other of our guided wellness journeys, you can emerge on the other side fully alive in a new energy that some have reported as feeling weightless. To fully receive the gifts that are waiting for you, allow yourself to accept change. Give yourself permission to let go of old thoughts and habits that have held your spirit and physiology down. Our expert healers will help you in the process.

2) Take what you’ve learned back home to your every-day life. Find ways to recreate restorative moments that connect you with yourself and others, nature, and the spiritual realms. Use your creativity and your new commitment to self-care to notice pockets of time where you can step back from the urgency of the day. You may wake up thirty minutes earlier, use your daily commute, take an evening walk, or draw a bath. In those pockets of time go back to the skills you learned in your transformative moments with your healer at Bishop’s Lodge and continue your journey.

Stories from Bishop's Lodge