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Stories from Bishop's Lodge

Stories from Bishop's Lodge

Eat A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at SkyFire's Locally Made Ceramics

I’ve created custom ceramics under the Whiskey and Clay line for restaurants in Marfa, Texas to Beverly Hills. But SkyFire at Bishop’s Lodge is the first restaurant in Santa Fe for which I’ve crafted unique pieces. Drawn to Santa Fe by its vibrant arts scene, proximity to nature, and slower pace of life, I moved here a few years ago—so it’s a huge honor to already be a part of such a treasured Santa Fe landmark. (Local friends have shared stories of horseback riding and cherished family holidays at the Lodge, and I hope to create my own memories, too, when it reopens.)


My handmade ceramics for Whiskey and Clay are heavily influenced by the dramatic landscapes of the great American Southwest. I’m enthralled with the earth’s milky whites blending in with dark rust tones, the warm dry air, and the shocking bright sunshine. Over the years, I’ve experimented with different mediums, and have honed in on a blend of stoneware and porcelain. It’s not a traditional mix, but I feel the blend gives each vessel a timeless desert feel.


While my pieces on the Whiskey and Clay website follow standard dinnerware dimensions, the custom items for SkyFire—from salt and pepper shakers and cream pourers to sugar bowls—are tailored specifically to the restaurant’s needs. Among my favorites are the soup pour vessels. I made a small cylinder and let him guide me on the exact shape and size he wanted. It was so great to collaborate with him on the fly.


I’m a huge fan of mezcal, which is traditionally sipped from a small one-ounce vessel. My mezcal copitas are inspired by traditional Oaxacan mezcal copitas, but differ slightly in that I glaze the interior to keep it food safe. I’ve heard people perceive their drinks taste better when their vessels have more weight to them. I certainly believe a personal element can also improve taste—whether it’s for a drink or a dish. Factory-made just can’t compete with artisan craftsmanship. Why don’t you come to SkyFire and see for yourself?Stories from Bishop's Lodge