Artfully designed bathroom in the Laverne Suite at Commodore Perry Estate

Iconic Properties at the intersection of art and hospitality

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Engage with iconic properties in a whole new way as emerging artists curate thought-provoking, destination-driven art installations in landmark collaborations. Inspired by each property’s unique character, heritage, and setting, artworks push creative boundaries to highlight the aspects of discovery and expression common to the worlds of art and travel. Designed to delight and intrigue through unexpected encounters and eye-catching visuals, each invites moments of reflection, providing pause within the pause that is your stay.

Enriching Perspectives on Auberge Resorts Collection Destinations

Immerse yourself in one-of-a-kind art experiences in Austin, Texas and Washington, Connecticut.

Flower mirror
Sunken gardens at Commodore Perry Estate
Floral ceiling print
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Commodore Perry Estate, Austin, TX

A Reverberation by Delaney Allen

Inspired by this historic landmark’s 10 acres of magnificent gardens that rest – almost secretively – in the heart of Austin, Texas-born artist and photographer, Delaney Allen, has created a deceptively illusory, multi-element installation called A Reverberation, with vivid floral motifs centering around the rose to complement the property’s maximalist Ken Fulk design.

Too Tired to Sleep by Marie-Claude Marquis

Mayflower Inn & Spa, Washington, CT

Auberge Art Salon Mayflower
Could there be positives born of a pandemic?

One – that being chronically busy is overhyped and in fact, counterproductive – is what has inspired Montreal-based artist, Marie-Claude Marquis, to create her jewel-like, treasure trove of an installation in the library of the gracious Mayflower Inn.

Lobby at Mayflower Inn & Spa
Lobby at Mayflower Inn & Spa
“It is now essential to prioritize our inner lives, take care of ourselves, and feed our souls with connections and experiences. We must step back from the idealization of being ‘super busy’ to avoid the otherwise inevitable physical and emotional fatigue. The Mayflower is a place where you can go back to a certain slowness – to share, connect, and take time for yourself.”
Marie-Claude Marquis,

One of a kind inspiration

Connect with local artists and discover extraordinary architecture.

Bespoke Experiences

Tailor-made itineraries to America’s most iconic destinations await.
Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley

Find inspiration in the way art fuels our way of life in Napa Valley. Drive the Silverado trail for a three-day adventure strolling through sculpture parks, embracing boundary-breaking winery architecture, and savoring culinary artistry in the Michelin-starred Restaurant at Auberge du Soleil.

Commodore Perry Estate, Austin

Relish the breadth of award-winning cuisine available in the melting pot of Austin. Fill your days with sightseeing and adventure, so you can indulge at local hot spots, Texas Hill Country wineries and downtown's hidden gems.

The Vanderbilt, Newport

Indulge in a retreat from everyday cares as you live life like a Vanderbilt. Spend your days learning to sail and blow glass and your nights dining on decadent seafood and multi-course menus. Watch your cares float away like clouds above the harbor.

Amanu shoemaking experience
people making shoes

AMANU believes in the pursuit of less by embracing the tactile and the timeless. With hundreds of options available, you can create your one-of-a-kind sandals at four award-winning resorts.

Amanu at Auberge Resorts

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Our Stories

Delaney Allen - Artist in Residence at Commodore Perry Estate

Commodore Perry Auberge ArtSalon - A Reverberation

It is often said that artists hold up a mirror to society. If this is the case, then their art serves as a prism through which we can view the times we live in, often from an entirely new perspective. In the Auberge ArtSalon series, six emerging artists will turn their own unique gaze on six iconic Auberge retreats to create art installations that reflect each property’s individual character, setting, heritage, and place in the world today.

Delaney Allen
Artist in Residence
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Marie-Claude Marquis

Mayflower Auberge ArtSalon "Too Tired to Sleep"

It is often said that artists hold up a mirror to society. If this is the case, then their art serves as a prism through which we can view the times we live in, often from an entirely new perspective. In the Auberge ArtSalon series, six emerging artists will turn their own unique gaze on six iconic Auberge retreats to create art installations that reflect each property’s individual character, setting, heritage, and place in the world today

Marie-Claude Marquis
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Kimmy Rohrs of Whiskey and Clay, Santa Fe

Bishop's Lodge A Behind-the-Scenes Peek at SkyFire's Locally Made Ceramics

I’ve created custom ceramics under the Whiskey and Clay line for restaurants in Marfa, Texas to Beverly Hills. But SkyFire at Bishop’s Lodge is the first restaurant in Santa Fe for which I’ve crafted unique pieces. Drawn to Santa Fe by its vibrant arts scene, proximity to nature, and slower pace of life, I moved here a few years ago—so it’s a huge honor to already be a part of such a treasured Santa Fe landmark. (Local friends have shared stories of horseback riding and cherished family holidays at the Lodge, and I hope to create my own memories, too, when it reopens.)

Kimmy Rohrs
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Celerie Kemble

Mayflower Celerie Kemble on her design vision for the Mayflower Inn and Spa

Kemble approached the redesign to Mayflower’s historic site with “great trepidation, respect and a sense of enthusiasm.” More than a hotel, she says the Mayflower Inn & Spa feels like someone’s home, with a sense of gracious hosting, comfort and personality. The idea was a refresh, not a demolition.. She picked out the things that were worth preserving, that had aged well and brought a sense of authenticity to the site, including mahogany four-poster beds and lamps, refectory tables, chinoiserie chairs, a papier-mache chinoiserie coffee table and game tables. She mixed in Scandinavian and colonial American design influences with sisal carpets, Turkish rugs, hand-crafted ceramics, wicker, as well as textiles from Schumacher, Sister Parish, and Penny Morrison.

Celerie Kemble
Interior Designer
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Uncle Danny in the Cave with children

Mauna Lani Connecting with the Spirit of Hawaii

Hiking through Kalāhuipua‘a Historic Park, we stopped along the trail to appreciate the variety of petroglyphs that depict primitive life symbols and provide a view into Hawaiʻi’s rich and ancient history. The area also offers around 40 natural caves composed of lava tubes and partially collapsed lava bubbles that are perfect for exploring, and we were in search of one cave in particular – the mythical “spirit cave”. A short hike from our retreat at Mauna Lani, I was tipped off about the park’s unusual cave during a discussion with Uncle Danny, the resort’s resident expert in Hawaiian history and culture. 

Soaking it all in
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Hunter S Thompson

Hotel Jerome Remembering Hunter S. Thompson at Hotel Jerome

To the rest of the country, Hunter S. Thompson might be best known as the godfather of gonzo journalism. Thompson lived and wrote on the edge in a style epitomized in “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” which first came out in two installments in Rolling Stone before being published as a book that would end up defining the post-'60s counterculture. But to Aspenites, and especially here at Hotel Jerome, he’s best remembered for his 1970 run for sheriff of Aspen Pitkin County.

Hotel Jerome Concierge
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Warren Eliphalet Rollins

Bishop's Lodge A Glimpse Into Santa Fe’s Early Art Scene at Bishop’s Lodge

Settled more than 150 years ago, Bishop’s Lodge is steeped in history and a profound sense of place. As its General Manager, I take special pride in our team’s sensitive restoration and preservation efforts. Authenticity infuses our entire approach, and one extraordinary tribute—both to the diverse native communities that have long made New Mexico their home, as well as to Santa Fe’s deep artistic roots—can be found in our Dining Room. Taking pride of place are four newly restored oil paintings by Warren E. Rollins of Puebloan life from the 1920s.

John Volponi
General Manager
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Last Dollar Road Telluride

Element 52 A Photographer’s Paradise on Last Dollar Road

As our open-air Jeep headed for the turn off to Last Dollar Road, right outside of Telluride, I snuggled under thick wool blankets and breathed in the cool morning mountain air that makes summer in Colorado so amazing. Our family adventure would take us along the former mining route, an unpaved and often bumpy road that winds through valleys up into high mountain passes. Extreme heights always have me a little faint of heart, but I was eager to get going since Last Dollar Road so I could capture photos of some beautiful Colorado vistas to enjoy back home.

Aspiring Photographer
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Malliouhana beach

Malliouhana Discovering Anguillan Art Fit for a Royal

Beautiful places like Anguilla often breed artists inspired by their surroundings—and craftsman Cheddie Richardson is one of them. “I wandered into his carving studio by accident, but I’ve been a fan ever since” ...

Meghan Ochoa
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White Barn Inn Interior Designer Jenny Wolf

White Barn Inn Jenny Wolf on Redesigns, Serendipity and Pandemics

A comprehensive redesign of a historic inn will always present its share of challenges for even the most unflappable interior designer. Getting it done in the midst of a global pandemic requires nerves of steel. “It was crazy,” says Jenny Wolf, head of Jenny Wolf Interiors, which oversaw the refurbishment of the White Barn Inn and Spa, part of the Auberge Resort Collections, and a beloved local landmark for more than 150 years in Kennebunk, Maine.

Jenny Wolf Interior Designer
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New England Train Bridge

White Barn Inn A Retro Ride in the New England Countryside

Entering Amtrak’s 1950s-era domed railcar was like stepping back in time. With my feet kicked up and my Australian Shepard, Max, in tow, I never knew a two-hour, car-free connection on the Downeaster train from North Station in Boston to Wells, Maine, could be so enjoyable and land me only 5 miles from Kennebunk. From passing New England’s most beautiful stretches of pristine coastline to enjoying vistas of the idyllic countryside, I enjoyed my steamy cup of chowder from the Downeaster Café while Max chewed on his favorite bone. Seated in the train’s upper level with panoramic windows on all sides, this daytime adventure proved an added perk before my vacation even began.

Starting Vacation Early
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Danny Akaka beneath palm tree with ukulele

Mauna Lani Talk Story With Uncle Danny

Danny Akaka, the resort’s resident expert in Hawaiian history and culture, is in high demand. No matter how many people file into the Hale I‘ike cultural center, each one of them receives the full benefit of his beaming smile and gracious attention. Akaka is the embodiment of aloha: generous, unhurried, and brimming with love for Hawai‘i and her people. Diplomacy runs in Akaka’s genes. His father was a respected U.S. Senator, his uncle coined the phrase “aloha spirit,” and his grandmother couldn’t let a tired taro farmer pass by her house without offering refreshment and a shady place to rest.

Music Lover
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historical Hotel Jerome Aspen

Hotel Jerome Hotel Jerome and Aspen: Silver Boom, Bust and Bauhaus

Hotel Jerome has a rich history, one that parallels with the history of Aspen itself. During its silver boom years in the late 19th century—when fortunes rose dramatically and all anyone could see was up—department store magnate Jerome B. Wheeler envisioned a rival to the grande dame hotels of Europe. Hotel Jerome was born.

Hotel Jerome Concierge
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