Unresolved Baggage: Learning to Pack for Your Vacation Like a Pro

Aug 20, 2015

It doesn’t matter if you’re going away for a few weeks or just a few nights, there’s no need to carry more matched luggage than the Millennium Falcon. If your bag is overflowing when you arrive at your destination, how are you going to bring all those souvenirs back home?

Few of us are strangers to the clout of “over packing”. Packing a suitcase before a trip is very much a delicate blend of art and science. Rolling shirts in a way that they will unfold with only the subtlest hint of a crinkle is truly an art form. You also need to pack everything you need for a trip in a way that meets the exigencies of airline baggage weight and size requirements – now that’s a science, and Auberge Resorts has got the formula. Follow these packing tips from our travel pros and learn how to save space in your suitcase before you head off to one of our incredible destinations.

Make a list, the earlier the better. So many of us elect to over pack in lieu of possibly forgetting one of the essentials. It’s hard to pack when you don’t know exactly what you should pack. Create an inventory, and don’t leave it to the last minute! Write down everything you’ll need about a week in advance (after checking the weather report, of course), and check each item off the list as you pack it. Foolproof!

Re-evaluate that list. It’s easy to stuff every single thing that you own (you know, in case of an emergency), slam your suitcase shut, and call it a day. That’s when it’s time to take a step back and take out the items you don’t need. Items such as jewelry, valuables, beauty products, and duplicates are expendable. Think of the last trip you took, and try to remember the items you packed and didn’t use!

You can get your laundry done on the road. Remember, all Auberge resorts and destinations have dry cleaning and laundry services to ease the stress and suitcases of our guests. So don’t fret over packing those duplicate dress shirts any longer!

Ditch the shoes. Shoes are strangely shaped, usually pretty heavy, and you can’t exactly fold them in half. Depending on your terminus, cap your shoe maximum at 3 – two casual (sandals for beachy activities, sneakers for walking), one formal (for meetings, dressy dinners, etc.). However if you’re still tight on space, remember that you can probably purchase a cheap pair of sandals in your warm weather destination.

Wear your bulky clothes on the plane (and repeat that same outfit on your returning flight). Pick out your sweatshirt/jacket and clunkiest shoes to complete your airport ensemble. That right there makes space for all your toiletries! And remember – follow that same rule on your way back! You’re going to need room for all the goodies purchased on your trip.

Stop, drop and roll. This is the time to break up with the folding method. Folded clothes take up exceedingly more space than rolled clothes, which take up a mere fraction of that space.

Safe travels, and we will see you when you get to your favorite Auberge Resorts destination!