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Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Blue Sky Intermediate Skiers Can Have Their Heli-Thrills, Too

heliskiing at The Lodge at Blue Sky, Utah

After a quick ten-minute flight that skimmed over snow-dusted pine trees and steep crags, our helicopter touched down. We were just above a slope in the Sessions private ski zone in the Wasatch Mountain Range, with nothing but wide- open space and endless horizons stretching in every direction. The small group of skiers I had with me couldn’t wait to hit the pure, untouched powder. But they weren’t extreme skiers, or even expert ones. All four were just intermediate skiers—and they were heli-sking for the first time in their lives.

Tommy Clark Adventure Director

Bishop's Lodge Celebrate Southwestern Thanksgiving Traditions

Bishop's Lodge Executive Chef Peter O'Brien

The holiday season in Santa Fe can be summed up in one word: Magical. Over at Bishop’s Lodge, we’re starting our festive season a day earlier with our Socially- Distanced Thanksgiving Dinner—a take-home meal with a whole or sliced turkey and a host of sides. A lot of our pre-orders have come from our neighbors, and we’re very excited to give them a first taste from the SkyFire kitchen, as well as a first look at the renovated reception area at Bishop’s Lodge when they come to pick up their dinner.

Peter O'Brien Executive Chef

Mayflower Introducing THE WELL at Mayflower Inn, New England’s Newest Holistic Wellness Destination: A Conversation with Dr. Frank Lipman, M.D

Frank Lipman of THE WELL at Mayflower Inn

As the Chief Medical Officer of THE WELL at Mayflower Inn, renowned functional medicine doctor Frank Lipman, M.D, has been a pioneer of integrative and functional medicine for almost 40 years. He is also the best-selling author of How to Be Well and The New Rules of Aging Well. Under his guidance, trained health practitioners investigate different areas of guests’ lives during one-on-one coaching sessions, then formulate personalized, adjustable plans that outline attainable actions guests can take in order to achieve their wellness goals, be that improving nutrition, digestion, sleep, or reducing stress. In light of the launch of THE WELL at Mayflower Inn & Spa, we asked Lipman about the importance of functional medicine and ways in which you can increase well-being in your own life.

Frank Lipman, M.D. Chief Medical Officer of THE WELL at Mayflower Inn
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Bishop's Lodge A Behind-the-Scenes Peak at SkyFire's Locally Made Ceramics

Kimmy Rohrs of Whiskey and Clay, Santa Fe

I’ve created custom ceramics under the Whiskey and Clay line for restaurants in Marfa, Texas to Beverly Hills. But SkyFire at Bishop’s Lodge is the first restaurant in Santa Fe for which I’ve crafted unique pieces. Drawn to Santa Fe by its vibrant arts scene, proximity to nature, and slower pace of life, I moved here a few years ago—so it’s a huge honor to already be a part of such a treasured Santa Fe landmark. (Local friends have shared stories of horseback riding and cherished family holidays at the Lodge, and I hope to create my own memories, too, when it reopens.)

Kimmy Rohrs Ceramicist

Bishop's Lodge Dean Fearing on Santa Fe, Southwestern Cuisine and SkyFire

exhibit cooking at Bishop's Lodge, Santa Fe

Santa Fe has always had a certain kind of magical hold over me. I have so many memories, with the most amazing being the opening party for Mark Miller’s Coyote Café in the ‘80s—a seminal moment for Southwestern cuisine. A group of us—myself, Mark, Robert del Grande who had Café Annie in Houston at the time, and Stephan Pyles who had just opened up Routh Street Café in Dallas—had started this movement of cooking with indigenous Southwestern ingredients. This was its big moment, when Southwestern cuisine finally got its deserved space in the spotlight.

Dean Fearing Concept Chef

Esperanza Magic by the Sea of Cortez

Sea Snacks

There’s something so enchanting about sitting with your feet tucked under the warm sand while a salty aroma passes by with the breeze. Gazing into the eyes of the Sea of Cortez and up at the orange and pink-streaked sky, tasting the tender gifts of the ocean. It’s that unforgettable intimacy between yourself and nature and the people you love most that makes a moment truly special, that grounds you in its fairytale. 

Sarah Flynn Happy Guest

Chileno Bay Dining With a Noma Legend in Cabo

I didn’t know what to expect when a large white radish, served on a bed of ice, was put before me. But I lifted its top to find it stuffed with slivers of super fresh striped bass, young coconut, green strawberries and a deeply flavorful dashi broth. Another great dish was the exceptionally tender grilled squid. Sunflower seeds are used a lot in Mexican cooking, and Chef Mads made a reduced jam from macadamia nut milk, sunflower seeds and petals to accent the squid.

Noma Legend

Calistoga Ranch Mindfulness Through Meditation and Macramé

Macrame at Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley

I exhale deeply as my mind begins to center and I settle into my body. I feel tension I didn’t even know I was holding onto gently float away. With soft, soothing music playing in the background, we begin with a relaxing meditation before initiating our crafting experience – creating our own macramé hangings. Our guide for the afternoon, Verona, is a holistic educator who first began combining meditation with macramé as a way to reground herself through her art. 

Aspiring Crafterv
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Esperanza Dine Under the Light of a Full Moon

Cocina del Mar at Esperanza

The moon has great significance in Mexican culture. While the meaning of the word Mexico has never been confirmed, one theory posits that in aztekatl (the language of the Aztecs), meztli means “moon,” and xictli means “navel,” which combined puts the derivation of Mexico as “place in the navel of the moon.” Additionally, one of Mexico’s most important archaeological structures is the Pyramid of the Moon, situated in what once was the ancient Mesoamerican city Teotihuacan. At Cocina del Mar, we celebrate the moon with a Full Moon Dinner series, held monthly under the beautiful lunar glow.

Guillermo Gomez Executive Chef
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Blue Sky Homemade Treats Feed Your Body and Soul


My morning starts with a guided snowshoe adventure exploring The Lodge at Blue Sky’s back country and watching the sun peek over the Wasatch Mountains. Alpine views seem to stretch for miles in every direction and open meadows reveal herds of elk that freely roam throughout the property. The fresh mountain air feels invigorating and exhilarating, while the journey works up my appetite. With only the sound of our snowshoes against the fresh powder, we make our way back to the lodge.

Appreciative of the Details
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Chileno Bay Seeing the Baja Through the Eyes of a Top Danish Chef

chef Mads

I’ve worked at some incredible places throughout my career, but one reason I love being a part of the Auberge family is their brilliant programming. I’m especially looking forward to hosting Chef Mads Refslund for a special culinary weekend on March 13 to 15. Chef Mads is best known as a co-founder of the groundbreaking Danish restaurant Noma, which went on to receive two Michelin Stars and become the ranked best restaurant in the world by Restaurant Magazine four times.

Yvan Mucharraz Executive Chef
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Hotel Jerome My Sustainable Dinner of a Lifetime in Aspen

Chef Mads at Prospect in Hotel Jerome

I fell in love with Aspen over a decade ago, won over not only by its first-rate powder and wide-open sense of space, but also by its phenomenal cultural and dining scenes. It’s a small town, but one with a world-class sense of self. The latest case in point? One of my favorite restaurants, Prospect, has lured Mads Refslund, an initial partner in the groundbreaking Danish restaurant Noma, to be its chef-in-residence through March.

Aspen Food Lover
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Blue Sky Environmental Clay Shooting

Shooting clays at The Lodge at Blue Sky

On my first day at The Lodge at Blue Sky, I signed up for a sporting clay lesson since it is one of their signature adventures. I was a bit nervous because I had never shot a shotgun before. I inquired as to what my options were to learn how to shoot clays. I had never shot a gun before, but I really wanted to understand how it was done and if I would be any good at it. Luckily, there is an option to receive private instruction on shooting clays as a beginner as well as different level courses. 

Seeking Adventure
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Commodore Perry An Insider’s Visit to Round Top

Round Top Treasures

I’ve been standing outside the doors to the Round Top Antiques Fair for 30 minutes, but if you’re not here before the doors open, you’ll miss your chance on the best items. I’ve been coming to Round Top since I was a little girl, when my mother, aunt, and I would drive over from Louisiana. Since those early days, Round Top, just an hour and 15 minutes outside of Austin, has evolved from a flea market into a European antiques fair, with big-name dealers coming in from all around the world to sell their rare collectibles.

Brittany Baque Senior Designer at Ken Fulk
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Chileno Bay The Secret Story Behind our Coffee Beans

El Molino coffee at Chileno Bay Resort

“I don’t buy coffee,” Jesús Salazar, founder and CEO of El Cafeologo in San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, once said. What Salazar does is far more involved. He works directly with small coffee farmers in the southern state of Chiapas to develop their coffee production, teaching picking techniques and processing methods, then helps with roasting and cupping. In 2010, Salazar worked with just four farmers. Our coffee shop El Molino proudly buys premium, fair-trade, organic beans from Salazar, and thanks to partners like us, Salazar has increased his network to 35 “micro-producers.”

Osvaldo Vasquez Beverage Manager
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