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Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Stories from Auberge Resorts Collection

Blue Sky A Conversation with Michelle Stoppi, CranioSacral Master-in-Residence for The Week of WELL

Hands hovering over face

In the last two years, the human race has collectively been faced with the notion of what it is to “be well”, and we’ve discovered that previous notions of “wellness” are woefully outdated. We’ve begun to dissect what health truly means and we are more open than ever to exploring new and varied wellness modalities to reduce pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, sadness, anxiety, depression, to name but a few.

Michelle Stoppi

Malliouhana Flavors of Malliouhana with Chef JJ Johnson

Chef JJ Johnson

Our first ever culinary series, Flavors of Malliouhana, launched on March 11th-13th, 2022 with James Beard Award winning chef, philanthropist, TV personality, and author, JJ Johnson. Over the course of the weekend three distinctive events were hosted by Chef JJ including a Rum and Recess Welcome Bonfire at Turtle Cove with a live fresh catch ceviche demonstration, a Beach Party at Leon’s with yakitori grilling, and a Soulful Southern Brunch at Celeste. Marc Farrell of Ten to One Rum and Robin McBride of the McBride sisters collection were both in attendance as sponsors of the weekend's events.

Malliouhana Culinary Team

Commodore Perry Mischief of Old Inspires Spring’s Playful Self-Discovery

Commodore Perry Estate’s exterior view

Springtime at the Mansion brings a special meaning, especially as hints of warmer weather conjure up anticipation for a rush of beauty and rebirth. In the Spring, the days get a little longer. Light shines through the beveled window panes at a new angel that awakens the greenery and the energy of almost every living thing. It’s in this season we’re reminded of the fun filled days that transpired in this same sunlight, almost a century ago.

Discovery Seeker
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Bishop's Lodge Moving Forward with Connective Wellness

Spa gate at Bishop's Lodge

This year there’s been more focus in the media and in personal conversations on rebuilding connections and making new connections both internally and externally. Wellness practices that encourage and incorporate building deep connection as part of their methodology are impacting people that subscribe to them in profound ways. Now multifaceted wellness is getting the serious attention it deserves.

Ryan Shulman Spa Director
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Commodore Perry The Commodore’s Original Austin Spirit

Historical photograph of the Commodore Perry

E.H. Perry gave much to the City of Austin throughout his years as a successful entrepreneur and civic leader. It can be argued that Perry’s own personal character served as a template for Austin’s: it’s one of vision, imagination, and humility. Perry saw details and possibilities in everything, and he wasn’t afraid to take action. Like Perry, in all his accomplishments that remained understated, Austin keeps itself authentic while earning fame as a hotspot for world technology industries and other market drivers. Get to know a few of Perry’s signature traits and you’ll begin to see a bit of the Commodore in the personality of his beloved city.

Jacqueline Gilles Experience Curator
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Bishop's Lodge 7 Deliciously Cozy Wines for This Holiday Season

Wine and hors d'oeuvres by the fire

Break out the decor, it's the holiday season! I’m not sure where the past year has flown, but I’m certainly glad to be getting into the festive spirit. This season, I’m sharing some of my favorite wines at Skyfire to get your holidays off to a great start. Many are traditional pairings you would expect with any turkey or ham dinner (or cauliflower steak, if you’re like me!) and a few are incredible lesser-known wines that bring the adventure straight to your table.

Ella Raymont Sommelier and Wine Director, Bishop’s Lodge
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Bishop's Lodge Starting a New Tradition at the Bunkhouse

Living room at Bunkhouse

Life can throw some curveballs, but there’s one constant that I always look forward to, and that’s vacationing with my eight best girlfriends from college every other year. It’s a tradition that’s become sacrosanct. It keeps us grounded and connected to what’s most important in life—spending time with loved ones. The choice of destination has changed over the years from big, energetic cities with buzzy dining scenes in our first few reunions, to relaxed beach getaways for melting the stress right off as our lives got busier.

Bunkhouse Devotee
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Mayflower Garden Gastronomy with La Grande Dame in the Connecticut Countryside


Inspired by Veuve Clicquot's premiere champagne, La Grande Dame, experience culinary and beverage delights with a trip to the countryside, highlighted throughout the autumn harvest season at Mayflower Inn & Spa. Garden Gastronomy begins with a quest for excellence and a reverence for the beautifully natural taste of produce fresh from the garden. With a reimagination of our on-property Chef’s Garden in tandem with La Grande Dame, curation of one-of-a-kind experiences, and a harvest menu which draws on the freshest ingredients from local purveyors, watch as Garden Gastronomy comes to life.

Garden Gastronomy with Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame
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Malliouhana The story behind our Anguillian Salt

Malliouana Resort, Exterior

As you depart our sundrenched shores and the endless, sparkling waters of the sapphire sea, we are so honored to share this special piece of our island history with you. Dating back to the early 1600’s, Anguilla has had a long and storied past with the development of the salt industry on our remote island in the Caribbean. To this day, Anguillian salt remains an integral part of our identity, culture, and history. The salt you hold in your hands today derives directly from our ponds, and was even gathered by team members from our own Malliouhana family this past September.

Malliouhana Family
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Commodore Perry Auberge ArtSalon - A Reverberation

Delaney Allen - Artist in Residence at Commodore Perry Estate

It is often said that artists hold up a mirror to society. If this is the case, then their art serves as a prism through which we can view the times we live in, often from an entirely new perspective. In the Auberge ArtSalon series, six emerging artists will turn their own unique gaze on six iconic Auberge retreats to create art installations that reflect each property’s individual character, setting, heritage, and place in the world today.

Delaney Allen Artist in Residence
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