Travel Tip Tuesday: Off-setting the carbon footprint of travel

May 6, 2014

Your travel choices can make a difference! Choosing a socially and environmentally responsible hotel, transportation, and activities will ensure you are contributing to long lasting sustainability both for the destination and globally.  We have gathered a few of our favorite economically friendly resources to help you offset your travel footprint.

eatwellguide.org – Eating locally is one of the best ways to support the community.  Find local farmers’ markets and dine at restaurants with locally sourced ingredients on the Eat Well Guide website.


New Yorkers – Try the In Bloom app.  They help you to “See Goodness Nearby” by searching for green businesses, farmer’s markets, organic restaurants, green supply stores, eco-hotels, grocery stores and biodiesel electric charging stations – it even indicates businesses that are powered by renewable energy.


Audiblejourney.com – Audible Journey lists more than 300 tours in the United States and abroad.  Walking tours are the move eco-friendly way tour an area and it’s more intimate too.


Green Globe App – Green Globe is the quintessential green travel app.  It finds sustainable hotels, resorts, cruise ships, tours and conference centers and provides photos of properties, videos and links to help you book travel directly.


Green Travel Choice –  Use this app to track your CO2 emissions.  It will keep a log of your trips, travel distance and your emissions over time, helping to shape your future transportation choices.

What are some of your favorite “green” travel resources?