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Wellbeing at Stanly Ranch

Halehouse, Springhouse and Fieldhouse work in concert to help you achieve your wellbeing goals and reach your full potential by optimizing the performance of your mind and body. Find restoration in the exploration of sleep, hydration, mindfulness, and recovery with targeted and intentional treatments.

  • Open daily to resort guests and the public.
  • Monday - Thursday from 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Friday - Sunday from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • We invite you to arrive 60 minutes prior to your treatment to relax and experience our Springhouse Circuit.

January Reset at Halehouse

As you welcome the New Year, it is the perfect time to prioritize your health and wellbeing with a lifestyle reset. This January at Halehouse, we are launching a series of wellness programs designed to optimize mind-body performance and encourage deep restoration and recovery that aid in a transformative lifestyle reset.

Your performance is only as good as your recovery. Enjoy 30% off spa treatments Monday through Thursday throughout the month of January.

Positively kick off the new year with intention setting, designed to be approachable and flexible in support of you reaching your goals. Explore practices in powerful breathwork, journaling and movement.

Commit to your health and wellness goals this season, as you hit the ground running on January 1st. Participate in 15 of our movement classes in the first 30 days of the new year and receive a complimentary 60-minute spa treatment at Halehouse.

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Total Wellbeing

Flanked by a spectacular spa pool with the most mesmerizing views on the property, Halehouse is dedicated to the achievement of personal wellness goals by helping guests to unleash their full, untapped potential. Within its serene hilltop embrace, leading wellness specialists, medical professionals, and sports experts from around the world tailor individualized programs that incorporate nourishment, hydration, sleep, movement, and targeted treatments to restore the body’s physiological markers and balance mind and spirit.

Springhouse | Restoration and Recovery

Our Circuit Program integrates contrast techniques, using heat, cold, steam, and micro salts to optimize physical performance and improve health.

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Aids recovery and increases circulation and oxygenation

  • Cold Plunge Bath Reduces inflammation, muscle soreness, and alleviates pain

  • Tepidarium Relaxes muscles and strengthens immune system

  • Salt Therapy Supports lymphatic system, increases energy and reduces stress

  • Cedar Sauna Dry heat detoxifies the body and aids relaxation

  • Steam Sauna Wet heat detoxifies the body and improves circulation

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Guests who seek more specialized training are met with a fitness assessment and offered a host of fitness modalities including signature HIIT classes, curated outdoor experiences, physical therapy and functional training.

Personal Training and Private Yoga

Work one-on-one with a Certified Personal Trainer or Private Yoga Instructor to reach your fitness goals. Sessions include personalized assessments and a customized workout plan specific to your goals and needs.

Group Fitness

Choose from a variety of daily movement classes, available complimentary to in-house guests. We offer a range of instructor led classes including different forms of yoga, pilates, barre and HIIT.

Workshops & Retreats

Discover engaging workshops and educational retreats that reset your physical and mental health. These restorative programs and classes provide a targeted focus on a variety of health and wellness topics, including nutrition, sleep, hydration, mindfulness, and recovery.

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