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Bathhouse Therapy Rituals

Benefit from the Waters

Explore the health benefits of mineral water and heat in various forms and expressions. Experience the healing geothermal waters at Spa Solage with a pre-treatment soak to improve circulation and restore health, or detox in the Eucalyptus Steam Room and Infrared Sauna.

Five Different Pools

Soak in our co-ed geothermal pools at the spa bathhouse and enjoy various bathing and detoxifying experiences. Swimsuits required.
  • A cold plunge of 50-55 degrees

  • An ambient temperature magnesium rich pool

  • A large relaxation pool of 98 degrees

  • A jetted saline pool heated to 102-104 degrees

  • A jetted mineral pool heated to 102-104 degrees.

Blue water in swimming pool with sunlight


Take a dip as you please or follow one of these rituals to maximize the benefits of the water. Arrive 30 minutes prior to your treatment to enjoy this famed hydrotherapy bathing ritual or linger after your treatment to deepen relaxation.

Vitality & Body Performance Circuit

This ritual is akin to a circulation system physical training session, alternately opening and compressing blood vessels for overall body-function optimization. Sequence:

  • Infrared Sauna
  • Vitality Cold Plunge Pool
  • Eucalyptus Steam
  • Restorative Mineral Jetted Pool

Decompression Circuit

Designed with relaxation in mind, this ritual will melt away stress and anxiety, naturally soothe any aches and prepare the body for sound sleep. Sequence:
  • Infrared Sauna

  • Eucalyptus Steam

  • Serenity Magnesium Pool

  • Tranquility Saline Jetted Pool

Mindfulness Cultivation Circuit

Unclutter and sharpen the mind with this ritual. For maximum benefit, frequently take deep breaths in through the nose, hold briefly and slowly release the breath while cultivating grateful and insightful thoughts. Sequence:

  • Relaxation Pool
  • Infrared Sauna
  • Cool Shower
  • Relaxation Pool
  • Tranquility Saline Jetted Pool

Details of Each Station

  • Vitality Cold Plunge Pool | Immersion in this cool temperature environment causes blood to rush to vital organs. Blood vessels will contract, reducing inflammation and swelling, while also improving lymphatic circulation. The endorphin release increases energy and promotes an overall enhanced feeling of well being.
  • Tranquility Saline Pool | This hot, salt infused pool offers a therapeutic massage from powerful jets whilst the enhanced buoyancy takes weight off your body (and your mind).
  • Restorative Mineral Jetted Pool | The embracing warm buoyancy allows joints and muscles to release and move freely and fluidly. The heat will be carried deeply into body muscles, extending therapeutic benefits well beyond the conclusion of the hot tub session.
  • Relaxation Pool | The gentle body-temperature heat of this pool encourages you to let go and linger, releasing tension and deepening your relaxation.
  • Magnesium Rich Pool | An ambient temperature pool rich in magnesium sulphate to ease and calm both mind and body. Believed to help muscle soreness, relieve stress and improve sleep quality.