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Auberge ArtSalon
Auberge ArtSalon

Auberge ArtSalon | Too Tired to Sleep By Marie-Claude Marquis

The Experience

Could there be positives born of a pandemic? One – that being chronically busy is overhyped and in fact, counterproductive – is what has inspired Montreal-based artist, Marie-Claude Marquis, to create her jewel-like, treasure trove of an installation in the library of the gracious Mayflower Inn & Spa.

Too Tired to Sleep By Marie-Claude Marquis

A Cupboard Composition on the Altar of Life

Five different wallpapers line the library’s wall panels and shelves, their colors and motifs chosen to highlight the room’s vintage furnishings and serve as a backdrop for the objects themselves. Placed in a rhythmic way like items on a spiritual altar, these include dried flowers, hand painted porcelain plates and ornaments reflecting food, time, sleep, and other aspects of self care.
Auberge ArtSalon displayed in almirah

The Chance to Slow Down

Exploring how society has idealized a hectic lifestyle, the installation playfully hints at the antidote with its combination of vintage and found objects carefully arranged on shelves and mantelpiece. Over time this cabinet of curiosities crystallizes into items inviting a closer look, each like a cherished memento in a granny’s closet representing a life well lived.
Artist Marie-Claude Marquis art

Rest Here a Moment

Sunshine streams through the library’s window, beneath which a wide window seat is loaded with pillowy scatter cushions. Serving as irreverent subtitles for the silent items on the shelves, each makes its own statement in the artist’s pithy, insightful voice, while offering a bold invitation to sit and take it all in – or home, as they are available for purchase.
Artist Marie-Claude Marquis

The Artist | Marie-Claude Marquis

A multidisciplinary artist inspired by souvenirs, nostalgia, pop culture, and Quebec identity, Marie-Claude Marquis has mastered the art of re-appropriation in giving found objects new meaning – often through humorous typographical intervention – but always with a profoundly feminine and deeply aesthetic touch. Read about the inspiration behind the installation in our link below.
Read the Artist Interview
Mayflower Inn Experience

The Hotel | Mayflower Inn & Spa

An exquisite country retreat that defines New England elegance, the Mayflower Inn & Spa claims 58 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens and woodland in Connecticut’s idyllic town of Washington. Epitomizing a slower pace of life full of soul-stirring moments in nature, its sophisticated charm and relaxed ambience invite guests to breathe deeply and rediscover the balance they seek.
Auberge ArtSalon
Auberge ArtSalon
“It is now essential to prioritize our inner lives, take care of ourselves, and feed our souls with connections and experiences. We must step back from the idealization of being ‘super busy’ to avoid the otherwise inevitable physical and emotional fatigue. The Mayflower is a place where you can go back to a certain slowness – to share, connect, and take time for yourself.”
Marie-Claude Marquis,

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