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Stories from Malliouhana

Stories from Malliouhana

Do Looking for Luck on the Horizon

Sailing away from Anguilla on a hand-crafted sailboat, we headed out to explore the small cays that dot the horizon. Looking for dolphins on the way became a game for the kids and us. The first stop brought us to a small sandy beach with nothing but the stunning turquoise water to look at. We swam and relaxed here listening to the stories of our captain about growing up in Anguilla. He tells the kids of the caves he explored as a child, and the kids are enthralled. Not long after, we are off again to explore the caves located on the eastern end of Anguilla.

Caving makes us hungry, and we sail to our next spot for lunch on Sandy Island. Here we learn of the green flash that the locals look for at sunset. The green flash happens right as the last of the sun meets the horizon. If you spot the green flash, you will have good luck. To watch the sunset, we sail to Seal Island, an uninhabited island the locals say is the best place to see the green flash. We are excited for the sunset now as we look for luck on the horizon and toast the sun with our rum punches and pineapple juices.Stories from Malliouhana

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