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Stories from Malliouhana

Stories from Malliouhana

Go Celebrating at Sea

My new husband and I came to Malliouhana for many reasons, but the main one was that we could go cay hopping on a traditional West Indian sailboat. Having met on a sailboat, we knew we wanted to recreate that experience on our honeymoon.


The day started with us boarding the traditional West Indian sailboat at a small dock not too far from Malliouhana. Completely made from wood, this boat showed some character and authenticity. While there aren’t any winches or windlasses the ship has strong and sturdy canvas sails to keep us stable and headed the right direction.  There were a few other couples from the resort on our boat. Turns out everyone was celebrating something and we toasted each other with mimosas to start the day.  


Our first stop was a short 30 minute sail away to Sandy Island. It may be called an island, but it is more like a sandbar with a beach and a small bar. The sail to Sandy Island offers excellent views of Anguilla, and the turquoise water is stunning. The beach bar is the only thing on this small island and the staff boat there every day to work. My husband and I decided to snorkel here as the water is shallow and you can see plenty of marine life, such as blue tangs and yellowtail damselfish without having to dive. After about an hour of snorkeling, relaxing and feeling the soft sand between our toes, it was time to head to the next cay.


Our next leg of the journey was a longer sail, and we decided to learn a little more about the boat. The captain showed us how the sailboat worked, and for a brief time, I took the helm. I loved having the salty Caribbean breeze blow through my hair. We headed to two uninhabited cays called the Prickly Pear Cays. Prickly Pear East is where we anchored. While the crew prepared our lunch, we did a little swimming and explored the surroundings on this windswept cay. The sea crashes up against the exposed coral on Prickly Pear West making it almost impossible to find a good anchorage so we had to admire its wild beauty from afar.


Lunch was served on the beach picnic style but with some luxury touches. We had our choice of wine or beer. When we booked, we chose to have the lobster lunch. This is a Caribbean lobster that is bigger than a Maine lobster and is not red. However, the taste is a bit sweeter. At the end of lunch, the captain brought out a bottle of champagne to celebrate our honeymoon. Although we hadn’t mentioned it at the time of booking, somehow they knew, and it made the day extra romantic. 


We headed to our final stop for the day, Anquillita which is so small that it if the waves are high enough, you can’t even see it. I had not heard of this tiny spit of land at the western tip of Anguilla, but the captain and crew said it would be a great spot to watch the sunset. We couldn’t get out and explore because there isn’t a good place to anchor. However, you can see the cliffs on the western end of Anguilla offering some stunning views. By the time we arrived, it was time to have our sundowner cocktails on the deck and watch for Anguillian sunset to bathe the tiny islet in a golden glow. Stories from Malliouhana

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