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Stories from Malliouhana

Stories from Malliouhana

Celebrate Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Dime in Your Shoe!

wedding couple

One question that we love to ask our couples is, “what do you look forward to the most with your fiance?” Their response is always centered around a lifetime of blessings and meaningful moments. Our "dime in your shoe" tradition represents just that and more. A custom dating back to our British affiliation, brides receive a special dime from their mother or other loved one on their wedding day. The dime is then placed in the bride’s right shoe before she walks down the aisle, symbolizing blessings of wealth and good fortune for the couple.

Khondah Hazell Event Coordinator
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Celebrate Sprinkle (and Sip) White Rum at Your Wedding to Ward Off Evil Spirits

mal wedding set up

Upon arrival in Anguilla, where the natural rhythm of rolling aqua waves, slight ocean breeze, and gentle sunshine ease a tension that you didn’t even know you had, it’s hard to believe how this paradise could get any better. However, on your wedding day, white rum begs to differ. A Caribbean tradition, white rum is traditionally sprinkled around bride and groom before their ceremony to ward off evil spirits and start off the celebration with good intentions.

Khondah Hazell Event Coordinator
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Celebrate The Stories of My Most Memorable Weddings

The natural beauty of Malliouhana

Jennifer Zabinski of JZ Events shares her most memorable wedding-planning moments, from welcome gifts with altitude kits at Hotel Jerome, to yoga on the pool deck for wedding guests at Malliouhana. Whether emerging trend or tried-and-true detail, the newly-engaged will want to take note of how JZ Events approaches every step of the wedding process with unparalleled creativity, crafting your special day into something that can only be described as magic.

Jennifer Zabinski JZ Events
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Learn Inside This Shipwreck’s Underwater Oasis

woman walking at the beach

Spotted moray eels slither like snakes around the wreckage of MV Oosterdiep near Anguilla’s Mead Bay, while schools of fish dart around its overgrown remains. Lying at the bottom of the cold, dark ocean, ghostly shipwrecks like Oosterdiep capture the imagination—leaving us to wonder about the fate of its passengers.

Jenny Lu

Do From New York to Anguilla’s Secret Beach


After living in New York, Malliouhana’s Concierge, Becca Teklu, found paradise in Anguilla. Her best-kept secret for total escape is the island’s remote hideaway Little Bay, which is only accessible by boat and famous for its sugar-white beach. For your visit there, you’ll need our complimentary snorkeling gear to explore an underwater ecosystem thriving with turtles, eels, blue tangs, parrotfish, and stingrays. If wading into Little Bay's waters is not enough, climb up Jumping Rock and plunge 20 feet into the warm ocean below—one thrill Becca definitely prefers over riding New York’s subways!

Becca Teklu
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