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7 night stay

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Mini-Explorers Program


Camp Highlights

Embark on a world of adventure with our newly curated Malliouhana Mini-Explorers program as we invite our younger guests (ages 5-12) to revel in the magical island of Anguilla, while parents can spend their days enjoying the magical romance of Malliouhana. Mini-Explorers will be engaged in endless seaside activities and cultural experiences that will inspire their sense of adventure and ignite their sense of wonder for the uniqueness of Anguilla. Allow our Malliouhana family to guide your children through a diverse set of educational activities celebrating the best of Anguillan culture through exciting oceanic adventures, culinary explorations and cultural immersions.

  • Call 877-733-3611 or email
  • For Ages 5-12
  • Available daily | starting June 13th - August 15th
  • Morning Session: 10:00AM - 1:45PM (includes lunch) | $70 per explorer
  • Afternoon Session: 2:00PM - 4:00PM (does not include lunch) | $55 per explorer
  • Full Day Immersion: 10:00AM - 4:00PM (includes lunch) | $95 per explorer

Mini-Explorers Program

Explorers will join our Malliouhana family for fun-in-the-sun and immersive activities at our Caribbean oasis, while we invite parents to relax into island time knowing their children are in the very best of hands.

Junior Oceanographers | Outdoor Oceanic Adventures

Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays

Explorer Skills

  • Kayak Ocean Exploration: Experience kayaking from Mead’s Bay to Turtle Cove and explore the shoreline’s hidden creatures. Explorers will embark on a remarkable journey aboard the glistening waters for a spectacular day at sea.
  • Nautical Knot Tying: Learn the skill of nautical knot tying that masters of the seas swear by. With boating at the heart of Anguillian culture, Nautical Knot Tying will further immerse explorers into our island’s favorite pastime.


  • Sail like an Anguillian: Set sail aboard a hobie cat or sunfish for the ultimate day of learning and adventure. Discover breathtaking coves, located in our surrounding beaches as the fresh ocean air propels explorers to new aquatic journeys.
  • Anguillan Boat Racing: Younger explorers can set their sights on an epic remote control sailboat race inspired by Anguilla’s world-famous sailboat regattas, maneuvering their boats in the resort’s two-tier infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean sea.


  • The Art of Anguillan Fishing: Learn about different species of fish and sustainable fishing techniques, with firsthand opportunity to fish in the sea. Younger explorers will experience this poolside, using magnetic fishing poles and foam fish in our kids pool.

Flavors of Malliouhana | Culinary Exploration


Bush Tea Party

  • Enjoy one of Anguilla’s best kept herbal delicacies, bush tea. Our Malliouhana guides will lead a tea party complete with johnny cake tea sandwiches and homemade bush tea, including take-home tea bags.

A Taste of Anguilla

  • Learn about the most iconic Anguillian dishes and how to prepare them from our expert culinary team members. Explorers will learn about native Tamarind trees and other plants, and how these ingredients are used in Anguillian cuisine.
  • A Caribbean delicacy for hundreds of years, explorers will learn how to make traditional Johnny Cakes from our culinary experts, and explore the various ways they are used in Anguillian cuisine.

Inspired by Chef JJ Johnson

  • Learn a Caribbean-style dish and recipe inspired by Chef JJ Johnson of the Flavors of Malliouhana culinary series. Following the class, explorers will be honored with their own Mini Medals, inspired by the James Beard Awards themselves.

Discovering Anguilla | Cultural Exploration

Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays

The Spirit of Anguilla

  • The Harmonies of the Caribbean: Learn firsthand about the legendary history of the iconic steel pan drums, and try their take on the incredible musical instrument. Let their musicality soar as they experience the magical and melodious sound as they tune into the heart of our Caribbean culture.
  • Caribbean Arts + Crafts: Arts and crafts, the Malliouhana way. Mini-Explorers will enjoy an entertaining selection of creative activities to choose from and will craft beautiful keepsakes to take home as a special memory from their time in Anguilla.

Wonders of Nature

  • Botanical Bouquets in Paradise: Our 25 acres of property are covered in tropical flora and greenery, exuding a colorful vibrancy that is perfect for an island bouquet. Learn about the local botany and plant-life of our island, picking flowers and fauna to create a bouquet.
  • Scrubs from the Sea: Learn the Anguillian tradition of harnessing the healing properties of the sea to create their own salt scrubs. Using local florals, and herbs foraged on property, they will create a custom salt scrub and an unforgettable memory.

Coconut Exploration with the 5 Senses

  • Embark on a sensory exploration across our lush, verdant setting as they set their sights on different coconut trees that inhabit our tropical property. Witness a climbing demonstration of the retrieval of our native, green coconuts and learn the art of cracking open a fresh coconut.

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Just for Parents

Your children will be fully immersed in exciting activities and meaningful outdoor experiences that celebrate the unique spirit of Anguilla, while you can spend your days relaxing and embracing island romance in our iconic setting. Become swept away in our glamorous oasis and allow the magic of Malliouhana to create cherished memories that will revive and capture your soul- a true haven of reconnection for your entire family.

Suites at Malliouhana

Perfect for families, suites at Malliouhana are some of the most graciously sized accommodations in Anguilla. A bright, contemporary aesthetic defined by robin’s egg blues and bright yellows invoke the island’s unique sense of place, while expansive private terraces let you take in the glorious tropical surroundings.
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